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Liner notes from the new "What You're Missing" CD available from Snap! Records, Madrid

The Shambles - "What You're Missing" Snap Records (FUN 011)
Liner Notes:
An "Official" Bootleg

Over the past 8 years, the Shambles have amassed a rather large collection of appearances on compilation albums, singles, EP's and even a movie soundtrack or two. "What You're Missing" collects 8 years worth of odds and ends, including out of print rarities, hard to find album tracks, outtakes, demos and even a few live recordings. The inclusion of many sought after tribute album recordings, is not only a boon to collectors hard pressed to find the original rare recordings from countries such as Spain, England, Japan, Sweden, and the US, but also shows the large scope of musical influence the band enjoys. Sound quality varies track to track, as recording budgets and circumstance often dictates, but we feel this set accurately reflects what Bart, Kevin, Mark and an unusually large collection of drummers get up to in between proper album and EP releases. And no, this set doesn't collect it all. That would be a complete Shambles (sorry...)
- Angel Carrasco - Madrid, Spain September 1999

Leaving Here Bart: In our live set forever, and definitely based on the Birds version. Joel Valder on drums.
Kevin: The night we recorded this song, we came out of the studio, turned on the car radio and heard a version of the song that had just been released to the radio station that evening -- recorded by Pearl Jam. I like our version better...

Innocence Becomes You Bart: Oddly enough, and despite common belief, this has never been included on CD -- until now. Bill (Tell tale Hearts) Calhoun's keyboard playing makes the track. David (Tell Tale Hearts ) Klowden on drums.

(She's Used To Playing With) Fire Bart: The first recording, from the first official line up, - Ray Brandes, Bart Mendoza, Mark Z. and David Klowden. Recorded, along with track #17 in the original Blitz Studios location -- Richard Livoni's basement!
Kevin: Personally, while I like this song and this version, I'd love to re-record it. It's so much stronger now in our live show -- definately from the "power" side of Power Pop!

Does Stephanie Know Bart: For a time in the mid eighties, Anthony "Squire" Meynell had several extended stays in San Diego, hooking up with Manual Scan (he released their first album on his own HiLo records as well as joining them live a few times!) and even living with CLA's Dennis Borlek. A great song from a great songwriter. Joel on drums again, and recorded with Jeff Forrest at Doubletime.
Kevin: If I recall correctly, that's not a 12-string I'm playing on the track, rather it's two six string guitars, one strung normally, the other in a modified Nashville tuning -- the low E thru the G are tuned up an octave from normal. The two guitars were mixed together to achieve that sound.

Change Bart: A genuine radio hit in San Diego, landing considerable airplay around the world as well. We're proud of you Kevin! That's Trace Smith of Loam and Dizzy and Five Crown fame on drums.
Kevin:Thanks, Bart! The name of the song comes from the first word you'd hear if you played it backwards! While it's not possible to play the song backwards with a CD player, many mp3 players have the option of playing the song backwards. If you've downloaded the version from
MP3.COM you can check it out!

Love And Kisses Bart: A Sam Phillips cover. We were trying for an atmospheric sound. Trace on drums again.

Clouds All Day (Acoustic-Live) Bart: Someday our electric version will be recorded. There is a great rehearsal tape of us which marks the recording debuts of Podgy and Jasper, (Elaine Weddle's 2 Jack Russell Terriers and yes a Beatles Christmas record reference) which we vow will see the light of day. This is live in the studio with Joel Valder on on percussion.

Medley: Of Heart And Soul / For Jamie Bart: The two Manual Scan songs were married simply because we need longer material for our live set. And they were both in "G".
Kevin:The medley was Ray's idea. Though I must say that once he suggested it, it was an obvious thing to do -- the songs blend together perfectly. In fact, I often confused the two when playing 'em live in Scan. (oops)

Might As Well Bart: We only learned this Raspberries song the night before we were due to go into the studio. Luckily, Lisa Conway (featured on the cover of "... Groovy Thing" ) was there and she arranged the vocals, heck the whole song (for the record she also sings back up on another as yet unreleased track!). For my money one of John (Trebels, Hoods, Loons, Evil Eyes) Chilson's best drum tracks. Recorded By Gar (Fishwife / Tanner) Wood in his garage studio- Box.

Harmony Bart: On the same day we recorded the above song, we also recorded one of our favorite Elton John tracks. That day we also put down basic (and still unfinished) tracks for the Hollies "I Can't Let Go', Badfinger's "No Matter What", the Jam's "But I'm Different Now" - later re-recorded at Blitz Studios - and the Byrds "Feel A Whole Lot Better". Maybe someday...

Sorrow Bart: Another of our patented, "... well, there's 15 minutes left on the studio clock - what can we play fast?". More Mersey's than Mcoy's. Featuring Victor (Melanies / Riot Act) Penalosa on drums and recorded at Mike (Melanies / Static Halo) Kamoo's Earthling Studios.

A Short Spiral (Will Tell) Bart: The only defense I have here, is that the movie "That Thing You Do" was really inspiring. Written in the car, pulling out of the theater parking lot, as a matter of fact. Written about a close friend who had a habit of twirling 'round when she was happy. Yes, oblique and yes, that's Joel Valder on drums.
Kevin: Pile on the treble! For the solo, I was going for a cross between Eric Clapton's tone in "I Ain't Got You" and Keef's solo in "Sympathy For The Devil" (okay, you can even hear that reference in the actual licks I play -- once I dialed in the tone I just couldn't help myself). I think I nailed it (if I do say so myself...).

Delve Into Everything Bart: Re-recording of a Manual Scan track originally written for submission to the Monkees. Brad Kiser on drums.
Kevin: I'm not gonna buy me a dog -- I'm a cat person.

Is It In My Head? Bart: Features Gregory Page and Jon Kanis on backing vocals. This "Quadrophenia" Who tribute track was only played live by the band twice. Joel drums here.
Kevin: Even though he's not dead yet, I truly felt like I was channeling the Daltry on that vocal.

But I'm Different Now Bart: Second attempt at this Jam classic. And yes, we know that the vocals were mixed too low. It's Joel again.
Kevin: Bart always mixes his vocals too low. We usually adjust it when he's not paying attention. Unfortunately, he was guarding the mixing board like a hawk and I wasn't able to sneak the fader up a notch or two this time!

It's Going To Happen Bart: This Undertones cover is probably the epitome of the word quirky. And Joel influenced.
Kevin: Hmmm... "quirky... Joel..." Isn't that redundant? Sorry Joel -- cheap shot... but ya gotta admit it was funny!

Stuck On The Inside Bart: One of Ray Brandes's finest. That's Ray on the keyboards. With the David Klowden line up.

It's A Mod Mod World Bart: A two fold tribute to both good friend, and song author Anthony "Squire" Meynell, and the original San Diego Mod Scene. The lyrical changes to reflect San Diego landmarks as well as my own Vespa, caught Anthony off guard the first time I played this for him, but he smiled and gave his blessing, laughing and saying "It's come full circle". Also one of the songs played in the Anthony Meynell / Manual Scan live set. Cheers Tony.

Psychotic Reaction (Live) Bart: Ok, heres what happened. Maya Morris (my main lyrical cohort) and Jeremiah Byerly (who also designed not only the covers for "Staring At The Sun Vol. II and III, but also the sleeve for the "... Fire" 45) put on a music festival which included such luminaries as The Odd Numbers (who ultimately refused to play), the Hoods, Aminiature (who broke up for the first of many times that night). As sets ran long and other delays slowed things down, the bands booked for later in the day found themselves spending up to 5 hours in the bar across from the all ages venue, The Better World Galleria. By the time we hit the stage we were pretty much legless. Somehow, we made it through this off the cuff rendition of the Count Five classic (I mean c'mon - it's two chords...). When we finished the club owner said they would never book electric music again. Fun trivia fact- the whole show was recorded by famed, platinum selling multi instrumentalist William Aura, Jeremiah's father. As you can see, all sides of the San Diego music scene cross over.
Kevin: I believe that the bar was The Lamplighter, and I further believe that I was completely twisted. I do recall something about Dave Klowden playing drums with one hand while leaning over to pick a sandwich off the floor, and proceeding to eat it. What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians...?

Nothing Can Be Everything (Live) Bart: Recorded at a show (Brick By Brick, San Diego) were we opened for Superdrag. Great bunch of guys, who can drink us (except Mark) under the table. What a great night.

Brilliant Bart: Just a lo-fi snippet written at 4 in the morning, bounced between a $6 portable cassette player and my stereo, while trying not to wake my roommates. Their place in heaven is assured, for the million times I must have woken them up, and for letting me continue to write anyway. Hey Lise Martinez, Lisa Conway, Elaine Weddle, Jamie Tobitt, Julio, Maure Silverman, Debbie, Peggy Logan, the couple that never came out of room #2 and one or two others at the legendary Bachman Place House - Thank You.
Kevin: And thanks to everyone else who read this far in the notes!

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