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The Journal Of Insanely Great Pop
Clouds All Day

The 16 songs on Clouds All Day are played with skill and taste, providing the listener with a great deal of enjoyment. Even though The Shambles sound is gleaned from several styles, Clouds All Day emerges as a work of originality.

Perhaps the one most salient element of these songs is the prevalence of minor chords. Tracks like the hazy "Colour Swirl", the folky "Rain", and the dense/intense "Brilliant" are 9 minutes of minor key magic, and "Brilliant" adds a dizzying vibe, with it's "down" chorus positively electrifying. The band's greatist strength, however, is it's versatility.

The best moment on the album is easily "Change", a song written by lead guitarist Kevin Donaker-Ring. This track is highlighted by Donaker-Ring's chunky guitar, great harmonies, and some of the most eerie "oohs" and "aahs" you'll ever hear.

...treating yourself to Clouds All day is a highly recommended venture.

The San Diego Union-Tribune (U.S.) Clouds All Day

Don't let that gloomy title send you scrambling for your mood elevators. With its shiny guitars and blithe harmonies, the Shambles' debut album is the aural eqivalent of a San Diego weather report -- bright, sunny and perfectly suited to any number of wholesome activities.
Wearing their hearts on their sharkskin sleeves, the local popsters tear through sweet love songs with the cheery abandon of guys who can't waith to throw themselves off the deep end. Sure, they'll get hurt. But they'll probably get a good tune out of it, so why sweat another heartbreak?
The jaunty "Days and Maybes" and "I Believe" pay tribute to '60s radio pop, even as Bart's wistful vocals and Kevin's restless guitars keep them breathlessly new. Mark Z's fine, wiggy bass gives "Change" its power-pop snap, while a crew of drummers keep things moving at a dance-happy clip.
With "Clouds All Day," San Diegans should discover what smart folks in Spain, Japan and the U.K. already know. Get some people together, and you have a gathering. Put on the Shambles, and you have a party. -- Karla Peterson

Misty Lane #15 (U.K.) THE SHAMBLES "Clouds All Day"
Snap! CD

Here comes a fab new job by The Shambles! In the pure Mod-powerpop edge that's so present in their sound you'll find some very tasty and enjoyable songs, perfect for any moody day. This music doesn't just belong to a certain time or space, it could be from the past, the present, or could it be the music of tomorrow?

Crypt-O-Rama #1 (Greece) The Shambles have two CDs out now that cover the bulk of the Shambles recorded ouput from the early days though the beginning of this year. "Reviving Spark" (1+2 Records) contains the earliest singles, and with three Tell Tale Heart members in the band at that time, this CD has a strong garage feel to it. Ray Brandes sings on two songs: "Lousie" (the Raiders song) and one of his own wonderful originals. It's a pity that Ron Silva never made it into the studio at this time as he was such a big presence during this time at live shows.
The other Shambles CD which just came out is "Clouds All Day" (Blindspot). This CD has the more recent singles and some songs exclusive to the CD. The Shambles own unique sound has coalesced nicely on this CD. If you like Revolver/Rubber Soul era Beatles, The Zombies, the Tell Tale Hearts, and distintly mod-ish power-pop, you'll hear echoes of all on this CD. Fortunately, The Shambles sound has matured to the point where influences are easy to spot, but the overall sound is timeless and unique.
"Clouds All Day" is also released in Europe on the Spanish label Snap!!, with slightly different arrangement of the songs and six bonus tracks (demo and acoustic versions), plus an extra hidden bootleg live recording.

Lar Sen #12 (France) THE SHAMBLES
Reviving Spark (1+2rds, Get Hip) CD 12 titres
Clouds all day (Snap) CD 21 titres

Alors qu'on attendait la sortie annoncee du premier album en Espagne sur Snap, en voila un autre sorti au Japon sur 1+2. Morceaux rares, demos ou inedits pour la version japonaise, on preferera la version espagnole pour le nombre de titres plus consequent. Les chansons et le son sont bons, voir meme excellents pour les deux. Leur power pop a la Nerves/P Collins est ce qui se fait de mieux en ce moment et leurs incursions au garage pop a la Stems avec "Louise" (Paul Revere and the Raiders) et "I can't don't want to" sont un regal. Et Bart (rappelez-vous Manual Scan) a une voix superbe.

Mohair Sweets #4 (Canada) The Shambles: Chelsea Smiles (Genuine Article 10")
San Diego, California's modern power-poppers the Shambles lay it back with some sweet tracks here on this psychedelic purple vinyl slice of pie. Smooth, harmony laden and sun-drenched. Ah, southern California, where you can ride your scooter all year long. Nicely done. (6 tracks)(CB)

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