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Music History, Trivia, Friends Bands and more, here’s where to find some cool info: 

Shambles related sites: 

Here’s a great Shambles Fan Page – this is truly the best and most up to date!: 

The Spanish Mods Website has a free download of “Days & Maybe’s” 

MySpace Pages:

The Shambles have four tunes available and more info at:

Manual Scan is where you will eventually be able to find a few tunes as well as catch up with former members such as Morgan Young and Tony Saurez. You can link to their sites from here.

Bart has his own page at:

Kevin has his own page at:

San Diego Music History:

Jon Moore’s excellent site, The San Diego Concert Archive has tons of great info on the who what and when of San Diego concert history and side pages on things like the Beatles in San Diego.

All Things That Rock is a new site from San Diegan Stuart Mouritzen which takes a look at all of music history during the rock era. Lots of cool lists and articles, plus a time line and a forum for discussing the merits of this or that.

San Diego Events

It’s the biggest free music event in San Diego, possibly the country –the Adams Avenue Street Fair two days, 80 local and national acts, 400 craft and vendor (and food:-) booths, giant carnival rides and much more! The only downside is that it’s only once a year! Held late every summer:

It’s an institution. The San Diego International Comic-Con is the years do not miss event, with attendance over 60,000 each year- Comics have taken a back seat of late as the movie companies now use it as a way to promote movies with adjacent star visits, but either way it’s always a memorable good time.

Another annual must, The San Diego Music Awards Foundation raises money each year for San Diego City Schools Music Programs, and has an annual festival of showcases as well as a huge televised ceremony- the party of the year! :

News & Trivia

Fortean Times is a sort of online clipping service of all the worldwide strange, odd and thought provoking news stories. Loads of fun!


Still Bart’s main means of transport, and owned at one time by everybody in the band, Scooters rule! Vespa Motorsport has great scoot related toys, magazines, books, t-shirts and accessories – even Ben Sherman shirts, but even better service & parts:

Music sites about groups we like:

Just friends (well, not the first one: -) and a few influences listed here, but if you’re on this website, we thing you’ll dig these artist’s!

The best site for your daily Beatles news fix. An obsessive fans dream:

You’ll find a wealth of information on Paul Bevoir and all his side projects including the Jetset, Small Town Parade and more at:

Peter Case and the Plimsouls should already be in your collection! Powerpop to blues folk stuff, he rocks! Peter has a really cool up to date site – check out his latest happenings at:

We love ‘em! Cheap Trick needs no introduction, but you should check out their site for all the stuff this constantly touring band is up to:

Paul Collins and the Beat were always one of our favorite live acts- Paul has been gracious over the years, and his influence was one of crucial elements to the early sound of Manual Scan:

Our friend Tom Ward is playing bass these days with the terrific East Coast group the Dansette! Find out more at:

Four Eyes is back and Mark DeCerbo is out gigging and recording again! A New album is out and there’s lots of stuff going on at:

Derek Duplessie is a great new talent adept at both song writing and pedal steel:

The Eddies are a great group from Los Angeles featuring the legendary Hoth brothers, Dale and Dean. Excellent moody powerpop and indie rock on the album and they’s done some excellent covers on tribute albums as well. Check their version of Squire’s “Debbie Jones” !

She doesn’t have a website per se, but some info on Rachael Gordon and her 2003 German tour and releases can be found at For other info on her you can contact Bart at

Jeppe Riddervold and Bart did some songwriting and Daniel Hall is the first artist to record “Survive.” The song won the 2003 EMI Music Publishing Award

You’ve seen him on stage with the band and now Kenny Howes has become a member. Check out his website and pick up a couple of his discs – terrific stuff!!

Dave Humphries relocated here after living in Durham, England, and excels at Beatlesque pop –

The Jigsaw Seen are still going strong averaging a new disc a year since 1998 and with terrific recordings back to 1989!

Michael Quercio and his group Jupiter Affect are a the latest great group from the nman that gave us the Three O’Clock!

Ska fans will need to check out the Kingpins, from Canada. A new project is set to emerge soon from front woman Lorraine- check out the latest at:

Spain’s Los Brincos where considered the Spanish Beatles and will really impress fans of sixties garage rock – mostly in Spanish, this stuff is as good as it gets!

Fans of Cockeyed Ghost, or just great pop rock in general should check out Adam Marsland’s website:

Anthony Meynell is best known for his time with UK favorites Squire (see below), but he’s done much more than that- check out:

Legendary eighties modernist group Mod Fun is back, and you can get all the info on Chris, Bob and of course, Mick at:

Sixties and seventies pop genius Emitt Rhodes was a huge influence on the band, Bart in particular:

Truly one of the most under rated songwriters to emerge from San Diego, Carl Rusk prolific, but sadly not a lot has been released- that may be about to change. Check out his website for the latest info:

A lot of activity recently from Secret Affair, the great late seventies UK mod group, including a new live DVD:

Who would have thought a musician that gigged with the Beatles in Hamburg, would make San Diego an occasional haunt, but Tony Sheridan is now an honorary local: -)

An influence on the Shambles, especially in the harmonies, Shoes is still active- check out their latest anthology!

Perhaps a little bit different than most of the artists included here, Peter Sprague is a terrific jazz guitar player, who has played with a zillion legends including Pat Metheny, David Benoit, Checkfield, Charles McPherson and dozens more!

Anthony Meynell has put together a terrific site for Squire. An excellent discography, lots of pics and unreleased mp3’s highlight this cool site:

This band packs a punch! Garage aggression, pop savvy and a sound that stuns – Volume at 11 for The Stereotypes guys at:

One of the finest musicians and songwriters going today (and for quite a while actually:- ), catch up on the latest news about Stew at:

Basically one of our all time faves, you need a little Sugarplastic in your life! Pop, power and other wise, fused with rock can be found at:

Who would have thought? But I’ve witnessed it in person, and it’s incredible – The Zombies are back!

General Music Sites

Fans of the I.R.S. label and all it’s offshoots, including Faulty Products will want to check out: – the site will include a page on Manual Scan’s Plan Of Action EP which was distributed by Faulty Products.

A great site about all types of 79 era bands can be found at The Mod Pop Punk Archives. A good message board for info plus in depth discographies make this an essential stop for fans:


Richard “Blitz” Livoni produced our first album and many other sessions- one of the best, he’s worked with the Coasters, The Dragons, Gregory Page, Dizzy, Comanche Moon and many more:

Mike Kamoo also does amazing work at Earthling Studios / Records- he’s worked with the Real Kids, Silver Sunshine, The Happy Losers, Rookie Card , The Buzzkill Romantics, The Heartaches and hundreds more. Not just indie rock:

Alan Sanderson is working with some of the top artists in town! Check out Stratesound at: He’s worked with everyone from Elvis Costello and the Rolling Stones to Fono and Echo Revolution, Starline Theorie, Transfer, and Tristeza are justa few of the atcs whose recent albums were taped there..

Kitsch and Sync feature Sven Erik Seaholm- multiple SDMA Producer of the Year winner and leader of the Wild Truth! . Via Satellite, The Farmers, The Album Leaf, Judy Henske, The Coyote Problem and Joe Marillo are just a few of he hundreds who have worked with him!


Check these spots out for the Shambles and related releases, with Detour particularly great for out of print rarities.

Wizzard In Vinyl has an extensive collection or powerpop and punk rarities and distributes as well as runs a label:

Ed Ackerson is still helming Prospective Records in Minneapolis, still an impressive label, with all kinds of great acts, and a few waaay cool back catalog items – check out the Dig collection!

 Not Lame is one of the best pop distributors and one of our favorite labels.

And so is JAM Records – lots of hard to find pop stuff here and another great label:

Earthling Records is the exception here- not a distributor, it’s just a label, but with a great line up you should investigate!

A great UK mod, power pop, garage and punk label and distributor. Detour Records is different from the rest in that they offer rarities, memorablilia and many one off items

Of course BOMP was a pioneer in indie music, powerpop, punk, garage and more- what a catalog!!:

The Beautiful Music is an up and coming Canadian imprint, with a number of cool comps, a tribute to Television Personalities on their plate and much more ahead:

Biff Bang Pow is a cool new Mod label from England. Look for a series of compilations, including one with the Shambles.

Jealousy Records has a bunch of awesome discs in their roster- Dig the George Harrison tribute! Up next are a Ringo tribute (with the Shambles) and a set dubbed “American Pop Stars” :

Another really good on line source for music is Kool Kat Distribution. They also sell used items, so this is a great spot for rarities.


Actually it’s a comic book! Vampyrates just happens to have a certain Kevin (Donaker) Ring as its protagonist! Brilliant! Head to the website for the latest adventure!

Not a music mag at all, but still hands down the best place to get the latest info on the San Diego Music scene is Citybeat, a weekly newspaper. Politics, Movies, cartoons, it’s all here- but get your weekly fix of “Locals Only” and see what your favorite local musicians are up to:

 To find out all the latest happenings with Paul Williams and his legendary magazine Crawdaddy as well as all his other writings, go to:

Music Matters, is a fitting description for this local mag, heavy on indie coverage and great pics:

A mandatory monthly read for fans of folk, country, jazz and other non mainstream music should check out the Troubadour – you can read it online or pick up a copy at numerous spots around town.

Mike Stax’s Great sixties garage and seventies punk oriented mag, Ugly Things, shames most music rags- Catch up on the Loons and other Stax related dealings:

Gear & More

One of the most active bulletin boards around is just part of the activity at the highly recommended VOX Showroom:

Be Sure to check out some of the Shambles fave spots for gear:

Dogbite Music

Jeff's Guitars and Custom Shop
S.I.B. -- home of the Varidrive pedal

Alessandro -- home of the Beagle Amp

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