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UPDATED January 2012


Sidewalk Scene returns!

Look for the Sidewalk Scene (
Mark Zadarnowski (The Crawdaddys, The Shambles, Mystery Machine),  Ray Brandes (Tell Tale Hearts, Town Cryers etc), Eric Bacher (Tell Tale Hearts), Joe Piper (The Crawdaddys),  and Paul Carsola (The Barons, The Hedgehogs), to perform at Bar Pink on February 4.  Also on the bill will be the Answers, fronted by Manual Scan’s David Fleminger (The Comeuppance) alongside David Anderson (Gravedigger V, Manual Scan, The Trebels etc) and Tony Suarez (Manual Scan, I Spy), with DJ Tony the Tyger spinning tunes whenever the bands are off stage. www.barpink.com


The Paff Booms (from Spain) cover Manual Scan


Spanish indie group the Paff Booms have recorded a cover of Manual Scan’s “The Bird” for their most recent EP.


Here’s a live 2010 radio concert from Spain, track seven is “El Pajaro”  (“The Bird” ) http://soundcloud.com/the-paff-booms/2010-04-14-paff-booms-en-directo


The Eddies (from Los Angeles) cover Manual Scan – Twice!

Los Angeles trio The Eddies are releasing a two track CD single this February on Twist Records featuring covers of Manual Scan’s “Don’t Know Where To Start” and “Jungle Beat.” The band has previously recorded “Jungle Beat,” but this is a different version, which includes guest vocals from Bart, who also did the graphics. The cover photo is of scooters at a 1985 show at legendary Long Beach venue,  Fender’s Ballroom, which featured The Question, Manual Scan and No Doubt. http://www.theeddies.net/news/index.htm


Powerchords, Harmonies and Mistletoe – Second Pressing w/ updated cover!



New for 2011, this holiday compilation from Twist Records, Power Chords, Harmonies and Mistletoe, produced by Dean Hoth and Bart Mendoza, mastered and sequenced by Earle Mankey, will The album includes The Shambles “Warm This Winter” and The Spring Collection’s “Christmas With You,” alongside a mix of rare vintage tracks and new tunes from both up and comers as well as long time favorites. A small second pressing has been done and the label went ahead and updated the cover graphics at the same time, resulting in two versions with changes to the gifts beneath the tree as well as the inner panels and back. Here’s the song list:


01_ The Jetz - "Father Christmas" (yep, the eighties favorites reunited!)
02_ The Shambles - "Warm This Winter" (out of print 2001 track!)
03_ The Risk - "There Ain’t No Sanity Claus"
04_ The Little Murders - "Christmas (All Over The World)"
05_ The Decibels - "White Christmas,
06_ Yeh Yeh - “To All Who Can’t Attend”
07_ Ed James - "You Make Me Believe"
08_ The Spring Collection- "Christmas With You"
09_ Jeremy-"Christmas Every Day"
10_ The Lolas- "The Little Drummer Boy"
11_ Rockola- "Just In Time For Christmas" (featuring Bob Tedde and Mark DeCerbo)
12_ Joel Algeri & friends- "Stockholm Christmas"
13_ Herb Eimerman- "Treat Yourself Well"
14_ Smodati- "In Tempo Per Natale"
15_ The States- "This Christmas"  (a 1981 vintage track, featuring Barry Scott)
16_ Los Immediatos- "Just Let It Snow"
17_ The Click Beetles- "A Christmas Wish"
18_ The Britannicas- "Chris Hillman Christmas" (jangle pop supergroup featuring Joe Algeri & Herb Eimerman)
19_ Skid Roper- "Christmas Mystery"


20_ The Decibels –Angels We Have heard On High

22_ The Jetset – Christmas Messages / What Can I Say (an ultra rare U.K. fan club recording from a 1986 flexi! Featuring Paul Bevoir)


This should be in stock everywhere, including: JAM Records www.jamrecordings.com and CD Baby  www.cdbaby.com/cd/powerchordsharmonies



The Eddies “It’s Christmas Time Again”


Meanwhile, The Eddies were to have recorded a track for the compilation, but were unfortunately not able to complete the song in time. Instead, they have now released “It’s Christmas Time Again” as a single, with a similar cover to its “parent” album. Production by Earle Mankey, graphics by Bart Mendoza.


The next Eddies single on Englands' Twist Records label will be a Manual Scan "homage," with "Don't Know Where To Start" and "Jungle Beat."  Bart contributes vocals on "Jungle Beat."



The Shambles, The Spring Collection on new digital collection- Jangle On!

A new website devoted to powerpop has made its debut – Pop Geek Heaven – the website is giving away a free digital comp, Jangle On! Which includes songs from the Shambles, “Delve Into Everything” and the Spring Collection, “On and On.” Graphics by Bart Mendoza. Also includes tracks from Jake Kennedy, Bobby Sutliff, John Wicks & The Records, Michael Carpenter and 15 more.



The Shambles, Wendy Bailey / Bart & True Stories, included in Heavy Soul #9 compilation

UK Modzine, Heavy Soul #9 (Oct 2011) is out and among many other cool things, it includes a free 13 song CD, featuring Wendy Bailey & True Stories “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” and The Shambles “Mod Radio UK” Jingle! http://www.heavysoul45s.co.uk/heavy-soul-fanzine


Blindspot News: More Albums and Videos!



Upcoming releases include a Dave Humphries Best of, Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes Rarities 1980 – 2005 Part 2 and Patric Petrie’s debut solo release, as well as new music from Marie Haddad … Look for an EP, Playing for Change  and DVD from the Cardiac Kidz soon, … Skelpin’s A Trip to Skye, had a third pressing in September 2011… Staring at the Sun Volume 10 is in the process of being put together – it will once again be available for Comic-Con, with at least 20 artists included. …Look for some new additions to the roster soon…


Wendy Bailey & True Stories debut, String Theory out now


From the bands website:

“String Theory is the debut album from Wendy Bailey and True Stories, featuring lead guitarist and vocalist Wendy Bailey, bassist Billy Fritz, guitarist Bart Mendoza and drummer Danny Cress. The album was recorded at Earthling Studios with Mike Kamoo (The Stereotypes, The Loons etc) at the board. The album is indie rock by default, but actually covers a lot of stylistic ground, with songs penned by both Bailey and Mendoza, as well as lead vocals from both.” Guests on the album include Purity of Essence keyboardist Ed Kornhauser and Echo Revolution front man Lee Harding on background vocals


Eleven songs were tracked. Of this batch seven are penned by Wendy: “A Certain Appeal,” “Let Your Love Bleed,” “Tow The Line,” “Nothing Left to Say,” “Denial,” “I’m The One” (2 different versions were recorded), as well as four written by Bart: “Better Days,” “What You Mean To Me,” “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine,” and “You Still Take My Breath Away,” the latter a co-write with Four Eyes guitarist Mark DeCerbo. There is one outtake- an update of Wendy’s “Was A Time,” originally heard on her first EP.  www.myspace.com/wendybailey1


Itunes: www.itunes.apple.com/us/album/string-theory/id477324368


Emusic:  www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/Wendy-Bailey-String-Theory-MP3-Download/12904061.html


Rhapsody: www.rhapsody.com/#artist/wendy-bailey/album/string-theory


Jam Distribution: www.jamrecordings.com


The CD release show at Bar Pink December 30 was highlighted by two sets that saw an all star cast join the band onstage, including


Michael Halloran (Radio Legend)

Roni Lee (Venus & The Razor Blades)

Paul Bultitude (Secret Affair, Mari Wilson, The Beat)

Joey Harris (The Beat Farmers, The Mentals, John Stewart, The Speedsters)

Mark DeCerbo (Four Eyes, Rockola)

Lee Harding & Alex Zander (Echo Revolution)

Pete Bayard (Super Buffet, Rookie Card)

John Yamauchi (The Hip Replacements)

Itai Faireman (The Mashti’s)

Eric Christian


Manual Scan – Pyles Sessions due Spring 2012

An EP featuring Manual Scan’s performance on FM94.9’s Pyle’s Sessions is due in Spring 2012, featuring additional live bonus tracks from the Casbah. Artwork by Justin Turley


The Shambles Pyles Sessions due summer 2012


The Shambles appearance on the Pyles Sessions, hosted by Tim Pyles and produced by Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones / Weezer / Elvis Costello) will finally have an official release on this promo limited edition disc.


Details: Includes notes from Alan Sanderson, all six session tracks and nine additional bonus cuts from additional

Live radio sessions,


1)   (She’s Used to Playing With) Fire

2)   Desde Ayer

3)  Clouds All Day

4)  All Sorts

5)  Brilliant

6)  San Diego Medley


The disc is rounded out by nine additional bonus cuts from additional live radio sessions.


The Shambles Live Bootleg due Spring 2012

A live Shambles album, different from the recent online posting of a 2004 concert, but using the same artwork, is imminent from Europe. Recorded live from the Casbah for an online broadcast, this includes several otherwise unavailable originals. The twelve tracks are taken from multiple performances.


New San Diego Music Photo Book, With One Eye Open, Includes Essays from Bart


 A new photo book by Tim Flack, With One Eye Open is available now featuring photography of San Diego area musicians with essays by noted local writers, including Bart Mendoza. This is a pricey item, but also a very nice keepsake – preview pages can be found here…



Bart journalism update:

Bart writes for several publications, generally on music, pop culture and related matters. While many can be found online, most don’t archive their back issues. Here’s an exception-


Bart’s stories at the San Diego Reader can be found here:



A New Label – Archive Records

A new label, Archive Records has been created to release limited editions of rare live, demo and broadcast material from vintage mod, powerpop and garage groups… More info to follow


Pink Panther reunion with Manual Scan + Deadbolt and the Amandas (with Tom Ward & David Klowden)


Mark Scarbossa designed this poster for the Pink Panther 25th Anniversary Reunion, with Deadbolt, Manual Scan and The Amandas on December 17 at the Casbah in San Diego. www.thecasbah.com


Alumni News


The Loons (featuring Mike Kamoo) have recorded a cover of the Pretty Things' "Loneliest Person" for a cover album of SF Sorrow to be released at an as yet unspecified future date by the UK label Fruits de Mer. http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/index.html . They’ve also completed about half a dozen tracks for the next Loons album, due later this year. Also, Mike Stax has issued a new volume of Ugly Things and also reissued the Sloths single - www.ugly-things.com


Speaking of Mike Kamoo, his other band, the Stereotypes, song "Big Love," has been chosen for a new Australian television ad campaign for VW Golf Cabriolet. In soundtrack news their song, "Perfect Girl" was included in the TV program, Suis, while, another of his groups, Lights On had their song, "I, The Sun," included in the TV program, American Horror Story. Also their song "We Live Underground" was used in MTV's TV program Death Valley. Previously it's shown up on TV’s Gossip Girl.


Meanwhile the Nashville Ramblers (Carl Rusk, Ron Silva, Thomas Ward) have done further recording with Mark Neill and there has been work done on a compilation of the bands vintage, unreleased material for eventual release… Work has also started on a Ron Silva solo album… Bart recently penned the story of the Nashville Ramblers for British magazine, Shindig. It can be found here: www.shindig-magazine.com/SQ3.html


Victor Penalosa has a number of solo projects due out in Spain, with an EP imminent for 2012, followed by an album and tour. Both were recorded at Earthling Studios. Penalosa’s new band will include former Dizzy bassist Chris Iandolo on bass…


Among other things, former Shambles drummer Brad Barker can be seen on TV these days as a survival and rescue expert, most recently on an episode of Decoded airing on the History Channel…


Former Shambles studio drummer Brad Kaiser (that’s him on “Colour Swirl” etc) can also be heard on the 1990 album, A View From The Edge, by the group Checkfield, on American Gramaphone Records…


Found! Manual Scan “A Girl to Kill For” Movie -1990 – Italian Edition!


For the completist’s out there, we’ve recently dug up a plethora of new items related to the 1990 film, A Girl to Kill For: U.S. poster image, U.S. laserdisc, U.S. VHS tape, U.K. VHS tape, the MGM reissue image and the newly discovered Italian VHS tape. The movie includes Manual Scan’s “Nothing Can Be Everything” in its soundtrack alongside songs by The Seeds, Vivaldi and more. There was another version of the poster. While the movie is not exactly an Oscar contender, it’s a pretty good thriller, reminiscent of the movies Jonathan Demme was making at the time, though darker and on a lower budget. For the record NONE of these cover images reflect the movie. Here’s the soundtrack info at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099663/soundtrack

The trailer is supposed to eventually be found here: http://www.videodetective.com/movies/A_GIRL_TO_KILL_FOR/trailer/P00003216.htm


….and here’s the script


Here is the script for the film “A Girl To Kill For” ! The scene which includes the song “Nothing Can Be Everything” is on page 44.



 UPDATED July 2011


The Crawdaddys reunite! Spain and California Shows!


The Crawdaddy’s are back and performing a select batch of shows. So far they’ve played a Rhino records pop up event in Los Angeles, the Go Sinner Go fest in Toledo, Spain and El Sol in Madrid. Coming up next is a show at the Casbah in San Diego on September 2 – this will be a sellout!



Should you need a fresh copy of Crawdaddy Express, it’s still in print at Bomp www.bompstore.com/servlet/Detail?no=5054

Or a new copy of “There She Goes Again” on 7” vinyl! Only $4 - www.bompstore.com/servlet/Detail?no=2801

Go Sinner Go website www.gosinnergo.com


Staring at the Sun Volume 9


It’s time once again for Staring at the Sun, the FREE San Diego centric compilation series! Issued this year in conjunction with Bloodfire Comics, Volume 9 will be out and available – EXCLUSIVELY- this summer at three major events:


July 21 -23 San Diego Comic Con – Bloodfire Comics Booth
w/ signing appearances from cover artist Lee Kohse and the entire Bloodfire Editorial, Writer and Artist Roster, punk legends the Cardiac Kidz, Skid Roper and more!


Aug 29 The Casbah- FM94.9’s The Local Pyle & Blindspot Records Present
21 & Up / Staring at the Sun CD Release show with: Neon Cough, Death on Mars, The Very, Scott Mathiasen, Wendy Bailey, SO3 and more – Free!


Sept 16 Lestat’s Coffeehouse- FM94.9’s The Local Pyle & Blindspot Records Present
All Ages / Staring at the Sun CD Release show with: 321 Stereo, Wendy Bailey, Joey Harris, Scott Mathiasen, Scott West, Marie Haddad

$10 – All Ages – A portion of the proceeds will go to help Mighty Joe Longa with medical expenses.


This limited edition disc includes music from 19 San Diego artists. Staring at the Sun Volume 9 is not available from the bands, for sale at retail or by mail. You have to go to the events to get one.


1)   This Life Scandal – The Great Bank Robbery 3:10

2)   Neon Cough – Goodbye July 4:00

3)   321 Stereo - Take Me Up 3:59

4)   Red Fox Tails – Skate Deck 2:58

5)   Death on Mars  - These Feelings 3:13

6)   Echo  Revolution – Soul Work 2:27

7)   Old Tiger – I Got It Figured Out 3:46

8)   Scott Mathiasen – Borrowed Time 3:33

9)   Lights On – Silverlake Girl 3:14

10)                      Wendy Bailey & True Stories – Nothing Left to Say 3:00

11)                      S03 – Johnny on the Underground 3:37

12)                      The Very – Pretty Little Things 2:30

13)                      Marie Haddad – Boxing 4:00

14)                      Gregory Page – That’s You 3:15

15)                      Colin Clyne – Pockets and Envelopes 3:14

16)                      Berkley Hart – I Still Dream of California 4:53

17)                      Werner West (Scott West & Justin Werner) – Cowboys & Aliens 3:10

18)                      Kevin Berker – Beautiful Mess 4:23

19)                      Country Rockin’ Rebels – Street of Lonesome Heartache 3:25

20)                      Skid Roper – The Return of Rodan  4:17            

21)                      The Cardiac Kidz – Mary Young 2:06


Bonus Archive Track


22)                      The Sleazybeats – Phil Spector’s Birthday (1997 Recording) 2:55


Got it Covered!

They were ADDC, now they’re Got It Covered: Shambles and Manual Scan members Kevin Donaker-Ring, Orrick Smith and Victor Penalosa have teamed up with Jon Kanis to form a new cover band, playing a wide range of classic rock, new wave and powerpop favorites. The band debuted with a July 2011, Tuesday night residency at (Bar) Eleven in San Diego and has since played The Kraken and House of Blues…


Rare Manual Scan tracks on Heavy Soul Modzine Compilations! Hidden track coming up!



Recent issues of UK Modzine, Heavy Soul, include otherwise unavailable music from Manual Scan on their free ltd edition CD’s. #5 includes an Easybeats cover, “She’s So Fine.” Meanwhile, #6 includes a new version of “Plan of Action,” as well as an interview with Bart. Manual Scan is on the cover. Look for The Shambles “Mod Radio UK” to be included on an upcoming issue as a hidden bonus track! Europe can order these direct. U.S. readers may want to try Kool Kat Music: www.koolkatmusik.com


Bart Mendoza interview at Trampa Del Boulevar


Mexican Modzine, Trampa Del Boulevar has published a lengthy interview with Bart covering Manual scan and The Shambles. It can be found online here: www.latrampadelbulevar.blogspot.com


Kevin Donaker-Ring Guitar Picks

The ultimate Shambles / Manual Scan collectable? Kevin Donaker-Ring has a new custom guitar pick – and they’re glow in the dark. Not for sale, but if you’re at a gig and ask nice … :-)


Alumni news:

 The Nashville Ramblers have finally released “The Trains” / “Fragile Child” ! On Mike Stax’s Ugly Things Records!... “The Trains” is one of the greatest songs ever released by a San Diego related group, this is true masterpiece! Order copies directly from Ugly Things:



Drummer Morgan Young’s band, Into the Presence, has released a new single, “End Game,” with accompanying video: www.youtube.com/user/IntoThePresence



Sounds of the Strip Show July 30 – Mark and the Sidewalk Scene

Look for online video soon from the July 30, Sounds of the Strip, show at Lestat’s in San Diego. An all star line up performs sixties era classics. Topping the bill will be The Sidewalk Scene. the band includes Ray Brandes (Tell Tale Hearts, Town Cryers etc), Eric Bacher (Tell Tale Hearts), Joe Piper (The Crawdaddys),  Mark Zadarnowski (The Crawdaddys, The Shambles) and Victor Penalosa (The Melanies, The Shambles etc)

Also on the bill will be The Ciro’s named in honor of nightclub where the Byrds made their debut. This bands membership is equally impressive, featuring as it does  Dave Fleminger, (The Comeuppance, Manual Scan, The Answers),  Thomas Ward (Nashville Ramblers, Gravedigger V, The Fairmounts), Dave Klowden (5051, The Telltale Hearts), Anthony Suarez (The Answers, Manual Scan), Dave Doyle (The Unknowns)  and Lou Damian (hING).

Meanwhile, the band segment of the night will open with Wendy Bailey and True Stories, featuring Bart Mendoza (Manual Scan, The Shambles etc), Billy Fritz and Danny Cress (Skid Roper, The Coyote Problem). Opening the night will be James Rula, with guest stars and surprises throughout the event.

www.cheunderground.com/blog/?p=8389   www.lestats.com


Wayne Riker liner notes



Bart contributes liner notes to Wayne Riker’s new album Penumbral Sky.


Gregory Page Video

Bart makes a cameo appearance as a guitarist in Gregory Page’s video for his new single “That’s You” (from the album My True Love), filmed at the Ideal Hotel downtown on Sunday night, June 12.

With a 1930s motif, his backing group for this clip consisted of bass, piano, guitar, drums and three horns, miming to the album track. The video, set to be released in the next month, also features an appearance from burlesque dancer Lady Borgia.

Both pianist Sky Ladd and drummer Josh Hermsmeier from the original recording took part, with the rest of the video "roles" being played by friends, including upright bassist Doug Walker, clarinetist Chris Klich, guitarist Bart Mendoza, as well as a pair of well known local non-musicians; Ideal Hotel director of facilities Aaron Weise and local music promoter "Java" Joe Flammini, both miming on saxophone.

Bart has previously made ‘cameo’ appearances in videos from Scott Wilson and Folding Mr. Lincoln.



Who influenced Tommy?


Bart was moderator at a special panel discussion on the Who’s influence and influences at San Diego’s Lyceum Theatre on July 20. Taking place before a production of Tommy, guests were Ugly Things publisher Mike Stax and Reelin the Years President / Video Archivist David Peck, who screened rare footage.



UPDATED Jan 2011


The Shambles on new comp Hearts on Fire

The Shambles recording of “Love is All Around” aka the theme from the Mary Tyler Moore Show is included on the new compilation album, Hearts on Fire. Funds raised through sales of the album go to aid in disaster relief around the country, particularly Hurricane Katrina victims. This has a great line up including The Lola’s, The Records, Cosmic Rough Riders, The Gripweeds, Jeremy, DM3, Nigel Clark (of Dodgy), Starry Eyed and Laughing + many more! www.jamrecordings.com


Manual Scan on new vinyl compilation



A new compilation LP is out and includes Manual scan’s “Nothing You Can Do.” This is vinyl only!


V/A - IDEALISTIC YOUTH (80's U.S. Mod Revival Volume 1: California)
side a:
1. Start - no direction (1981)
2. The Jetz - import delux (1982)

3. Manual Scan - nothing you can do (1982)
4. The Commoners - love is a carburetor (1983)
5. The Commoners - it's not enough (1983)
6. The Question - stare you down (1983)
7. The Question - easy (1983)
8. The Jetz - moderns for a day (1983)
9. The Corsairs - round and round (1984)
10. The Patterns - every action (1984)
side b:
1. The Patterns - idealistic youth (1984)
2. Chardon Square - 65 film show (1984)
3. The Question - getting through (1985)
4. The Key - the key theme (1986)
5. The Key - evolution (1986)
6. The Corsairs - love is on the run (1986)
7. The Howling Dogs - wall of thorns (1987)
8. Chardon Square - lost in the cartoons (1987)
9. The Idea - you remind me of you (1989)
10. The Idea - power poppers (1989)


The Shambles: Line up change…

Kenny Howes, Shambles bassist/guitarist/singer has relocated to Texas, so a new line up of the Shambles will emerge in 2011. Kenny may still join in on future gigs... www.myspace.com/theshambles


Bart Mendoza pens new Pink Floyd comics anthology forward

Bart Mendoza has penned a lengthy forward for this Pink Floyd comics anthology, from Bluewater Productions.



New Compilations Due:

Several new compilations are imminent:


1)   A compilation from Not Lame, Jangle On, will feature a Mission: To Mars* track – due in early 2011.

2)   A fund raising comp for Hurricane Katrina Relief, Sweet Relief, will feature a track from The Rarities.

3)   Tribute albums to The Risk, 20/20 and Secret Affair are also ahead, the Ricky Nelson and Ringo Starr tributes are looking for new labels…


Alumni news:

What former members of Manual Scan or The Shambles are up to: Victor Penalosa (The Melanies, The Fuzztones, The Quarter After) has a solo album in the making. Recording is in progress at Earthling Studios… Tom Ward and David Klowden have a new band, The FairmountsTom Ward and David Anderson’s earliest combo, The Gravedigger V, has had their first album, All Black & Hairy, reissued on red vinyl by Voxx Records… Mike Kamoo continues his fine work with the Loons on their new album, Red Dissolving Rays of Light.  The band also has split singles with Clinic and The Sadies… Meanwhile Kamoo’s other band, Lights On, has a new album, Here Comes The OceanRon Silva and The Monarchs as well as The Nashville Ramblers, have been playing around the U.S. … Morgan Young is now in Los Angeles playing with Into The Presence. They’re in the studio now… Kenny Howes has released a new CD, Holding Up The Sound. The compilation is a collection of vintage tracks.


Blindspot News:


a)   Dave Humphries album, Hocus Pocus on Joker Lane, has been re-issued with updated graphics and packaging!

b)   Blindspot has released a special numbered limited edition CD radio sampler, titled, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. 19 tracks (+ hidden bonus) from across the label, including: Irradio, Dave Howard, Wendy Bailey, Anna Troy, The Shambles, The Shamey Jays, Circa Now, Skelpin, The Spring Collection, Four Eyes, Mark DeCerbo and Skid Roper + exclusive tracks from Marie Haddad and Manual Scan. Amongst the musicians on the album tracks: Dane Conover (Trees), Greg Douglass (Steve Miller Band), Greg Kihn, Tony Sheridan and Matt Hensley (Flogging Molly)! Mastered by Alan Sanderson.

c)   Skelpin’s new album, A Trip To Skye, has been re-issued with all new graphics (a slightly variant version thereof is shown here).

d)   The Cardiac Kidz will be issuing a rarities compilation, Get Out! (Blindspot 130) + live disc, recorded in part at Lestat’s, in 2011 (Blindspot 131)

e)   Anna Troy is recording a new album at Earthling Studios, with Mike Kamoo doing post production and mastering on basic tracks recorded by Sven Erik Seaholm. The band includes: Chris Sullivan (bass/ The Farmers, The Penetrators, The Jacks), Joel Kmak (drums/ The Farmers, The Hitmakers) and Greg Douglass (guitar/ Van Morrison, James Brown) with Mike Kamoo on percussion and Bart Mendoza contributing rhythm guitar.



Video Explosion: Blindspot Records Youtube Channel

The Shambles / Blindspot Records Page has posted over five dozens videos including Manual Scan, The Shambles, Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes, Skelpin, Anna Troy, The Risk, The Trebels, Wendy Bailey, The Nashville Ramblers and more! www.youtube.com/user/LosShambles


Besides our page, lots of new videos have surfaced on Youtube recently.


The Shambles Live Bootleg

A 2004 concert from the Shambles has begun making the rounds. Recorded live from the Casbah for an online broadcast, this includes several otherwise unavailable originals and the only known recording of the band performing a cover of the Sweet’s classic “Fox On The Run.”


Dan Clowes !

The Shambles and Manual Scan were very fortunate to have had legendary artist Dan Clowes provide artwork for the band and related projects. Recently some of the items, including a cartoon in the fanzine Sound Affects, a “New Sounds” flyer and the infamous Bart & Kevin / Shambles pin were added to the Dan Clowes online bibliography: http://www.core.ecu.edu/ENGL/parillek/danielclowesbibliography.htm

This site is INCREDIBLE! A completist’s dream, every appearance of Daniel Clowes work is documented – it’s mind blowing, really. Does he ever sleep? The sheer scope is amazing:-)

The Crawdaddys : The Full Story

Fans of Mark Zadarnowski’s first combo, The Crawdaddys will want to read the Che Underground blog post on the band from Ray Brandes. Definitive! Pictured is a rare British compilation featuring the band, circa the mid-1980’s.


The Crawdaddys in new(ish)book: Punk Diary 1970-1982

Punk Diary: The Ultimate Trainspotter's Guide to Underground Rock, 1970-1982 includes a brief entry on The Crawdaddys. Basically the book incorporates the info from the authors previous books. Post Punk Diary 1980-1982 also includes the Crawdaddys.



UPDATED May 2010


Manual Scan Returns! Live FM94.9 Broadcast – The Pyles Sessions with Alan Sanderson


Manual Scan recently returned to the studio for the first time in 22 years, taping 5 songs for a special edition of The Pyles Sessions, broadcast on San Diego’s FM94.9. Recorded at Signature Sound Studios, the production was handled by producer / engineer, Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones / Weezer). The show was aired on March 20, 2010 and will be archived on the station site soon. The band performed three classics and two covers:


1)   Plan of Action

2)   She’s So Fine (The Easybeats)

3)   American Way

4)   Nothing Can Be Everything

5)   The Real Me (The Who)




Vampyrates Ltd Edition Sketchbook and new merch!

Kevin Donaker-Ring and Jeromy Cox’s Vampyrates comic book now has a line of cool accessories to go along with the reading material! Look for Kevin & Jeromy at the San Diego Comic-Con / Bloodfire Comics Booth! http://www.bloodfire.com


Kevin Donaker-Ring guests with the Jetset

Just out from England’s Cherry Red Records, Swings & Roundabouts: The Very Best of The Jetset, not only  features terrific tracks from throughout their career, it also includes a guest spot from Kevin Donaker-Ring! He plays lead on the Paul Bevoir penned tune, “Heaven & Mrs. Winter.” http://www.cherryred.co.uk/cherryred/artists/jetset.php



Blindspot News

Lots going on in the world of Blindspot Records with new releases from Circa Now, Skid Roper, Dave Humphries and Skelpin! Skelpin recently won first place in the World Music category of the John Lennon Songwriting Awards with a song from this album, “The View.” Meanwhile, Skid Ropers album is killer vintage sounding rock ‘n’ roll – fave song is “The Return of Rodan” but your mileage may vary. Lots of cameos: Jose Sinatra, Joyce Rooks and Mojo Nixon! www.myspace.com/blindspotrecordssd


Marie Haddad recording new Bart Mendoza song, “Falling.”

Singer-songwriter Marie Haddad has demoed a version of Bart Mendoza’s new song, “Falling,” for possible inclusion on her next album. Details soon!


The Shambles at Budokan (Play Cheap Trick!)May 1, 2010

The Shambles will perform Cheap Trick’s classic album, At Budokan, in it’s entirety at Bar Pink in North Park/San Diego, on Saturday May 1, 10 p.m. This free show is 21 and up, with a DJ before and after and is a one time only event! www.barpink.com


Town Criers / Manual Scan + members of the Penetrators! The Casbah Jan. 30

The Unknowns didn’t make it, but the show was a success, all the bands were great, with a bonus of Penetrators singer Gary Heffern joining the Town Criers for a Leonard Cohen cover and Penetrators bassist Chris Sullivan and guitarist Chris Davies joining Manual Scan at the end of their set, for a four song mini set of their classics:


1)   Sensitive Boy

2)   Untamed Youth

3)   Revolution Now

4)   Walk The Beat


A true all star event, the show was opened by The Blues Gangsters, featuring Kristi Maddocks, Dave Fleminger, Dave Rinck, Dave Ellison, and Matt Johnson

The Town Criers include Ray Brandes, David Klowden, Peter Miesner and Mark Zadarnowski. Manual Scan is Bart Mendoza, Kevin Donaker-Ring, Morgan Young and Tim Blankenship.


The Shambles CD Release Show Videos!

The Shambles CD release show at the Casbah on Nov. 29 featured a second set of songs, each with a different guest from the local music community. Thankfully, Rosey Bystrak captured the second set and has posted clips online. A truly fun night out!

Clip #1 The Shambles with Steve Poltz, cover The Ramones "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker"



Clip #2 The Shambles with Gary Hankins (Scarlet Symphony), cover Manual Scan’s “Nothing Can Be Everything” and The Birds “Leavin Here”



Clip #3 The Shambles with Gregory Page cover The Beatles "I'm Only Sleeping"



Clip #4 The Shambles with Lee Harding (Echo Revolution) cover The Kinks "All Day And All Of The Night"



Clip #5 The Shambles with Joey Harris (The Beat Farmers / The Mentals ) cover The Rolling Stones "The Last Time."



Clip #6 The Shambles with Wendy Bailey perform "Innocence Becomes You." Wendy also plays guitar on Clip #1 ("Sheena....")


Scan's "Nothing Can Be Everything" & The Birds "Leavin Here"


Video Explosion: Mystery Machine

Ray Brandes pages has great videos from The Mystery Machine, Crawdaddy’s and Tell Tale Hearts! http://www.youtube.com/user/raybrandes check ‘em out!


Kenny Howes is Hot!


Kenny Howes other band, Hautewerk is featured in Guitar World Magazine ?/2009 with a nice pic and column – plus! They will have three songs in upcoming edition of Rock Band! The songs are from their 2006 album, Stop Start Again. Look for Hautewerk’s songs to show up on various MTV programs as well.



Che Blog Update: New Sounds Music Festival 80’s-90’s! Mod – Sixties – Garage!

The Che Blog has a new post about the New Souunds music festivals that took place in San Diego during the Mid 80’s – 90’s. Lots of trivia, band lists, videos and more on the subject can be found at: http://cheunderground.com/blog/?p=3523




Lots of press lately, here are just a few of the things in print since last time….





Summer 2009

Big Takeover #64


Desde Ayer review




Forty One Sixty release




Forty One Sixty blurb


The San Diego Troubadour


Forty One Sixty review




Forty One Sixty CD release show

11 /26/09

Night & Day


Forty One Sixty CD release show


North County Times


Forty One Sixty review 3 / 4 stars!***


Night & Day


Bart is name checked in Exile on Kettner article




Bart is name checked in article on singer-songwriter Stew










UPDATED Sept 2009


Forty One Sixty:

The long awaited album, Forty One Sixty, is due out Sept. 5, 2009!! Another project helmed by Michigan’s JAM Records, the album showcases the songcraft of Bart Mendoza and Kevin Donaker-Ring. www.jamrecordings.com


Here’s the track listing for Volume 1:

Forty One Sixty

The Songs of The Shambles & Manual Scan


1)     Static Halo (San Diego) – The American Way (Mendoza)

2)     Yeh-Yeh (England) – And We Still Feel The Same (Mendoza)

3)     Mark Le Gallez & The Eddies (UK/US) - Don’t Know Where To Start (Donaker-Ring)

4)     Liebling (Denmark) –  Survive (Riddervold/Mendoza)

5)     Happy Losers (Spain) – Blurs Somewhere (Mendoza/Morris)

6)     The Lola’s (Alabama) – I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster (Mendoza)

7)     The Sleepwalkers (California) – Days & Maybes (Mendoza)

8)     The Kingpins (Canada) – Plan of Action (Mendoza)

9)     Anna Troy (San Diego) – 31968 (Mendoza)

10)  Eva Braun (Becej, Yugoslovaia) – Blindspot (Mendoza/Morris)

11)  The Andersons (Los Angeles) – Rain or Shine (Mendoza/Morris)

12)  Mod Fun (New Jersey) – Nothing Can Be Everything (Mendoza)

13)  The Ringles (Illinois) – Innocence Becomes You (Mendoza)

14)  Rachael Gordon (California) – Sense of Perception (Mendoza/Morris)

15)  Jeremy (Michigan) – I Believe (Mendoza/Morris)

16)  Marie Haddad (San Diego)– Where You Are (Mendoza/Morris)

17)  The Hipnotes (Michigan) – Change (Donaker-Ring)

18)  Sugarplum (England) – Confidence & Love (Mendoza)

19)  Herb Eimerman (Illinois)  – All Sorts (Mendoza/Morris)

20)  Afterglow (England) – Of Heart & Soul/For Jamie (Mendoza)

21)  The Eddies (Los Angeles) – Jungle Beat (Mendoza)

22)  The Truckee Brothers (San Diego) – The Waiting Game (Mendoza)

23)  Cockeyed Ghost (Los Angeles) – Brilliant (Mendoza)

24)  Mega Super Ultra (Illinois) – Confidence & Love (Mendoza)


So who’s on the next one? How about Glowfriends, Ed James, The Spring Collection, Mark DeCerbo, Lemons Are Yellow and more! Plus David Fleminger is added to the songwriters mix! … Stay tuned for details…


Manual Scan returns for Che Reunion

Here are the three poster images for Manual Scan’s appearance at the Casbah as part of the Che Underground Reunion on May 29, 2009.


New! Shambles #1 Fansite

The Shambles #1 fansite has moved, upgraded and otherwise found a new location, but is still the best bet for details on happenings, including events and news – even set lists!



New! Che Underground Posts

New Che Post! More Vintage Flyers Manual Scan Wallflowers Trebels etc

A new Che Underground post featuring vintage flyers is online- Manual Scan, The Odd Numbers, The Event, The Trebels, The Wallflowers, Everybody Violet, The Outriders, Jason Falkner, Sugarplastic, Tuuli, Beachwood Sparks, Elgin Park, The Plimsouls, Claude Coma, The Nephews and many more are among the names you'll find! http://cheunderground.com/blog/?p=2034


Bandmates and other Friends / Mod Days 20 Pics Purple Hearts 27 Various Jetset

A new Che Underground Post, bandmates and other friends, has gone up featuring 20 vintage era pics from the archive, including previously unseen pics of The Purple Hearts, The Jetset, 27 Various, Ron Silva, Tom Ward, Tony Suarez, Steve Griggs and lots of others from the mid eighties mod scene... 


From Manual Scan to The Shambles - New Che Underground post with 15 unseen pics

A new Che Underground post about Manual Scan / The Shambles has gone up with 15 unseen vintage pics, from throughout the bands career: http://cheunderground.com/blog/?p=1874#more-1874


New Che Post: I Was A Shambles Drummer (Manual Scan too) 15 New Pics

A new post with 15 unseen pictures of Manual Scan / The Shambles, and numerous drummers: Joel Valder, Joel Kmak, Ray Brandes, Ron Silva, David Anderson, Brad Barker, Brad Wilkins and more!  1982-2008.


New Webpage features The Shambles

How cool is this ? Psychedelic Central has posted a wonderful new page dedicated to The Shambles!




New Promo Compilation features The Shambles


The second annual Art Around Adams in June 2009 had a PR kit which included a promo only compilation featuring The Shambles “I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster.”


Found! Rare Live Shambles CD

The Shambles were recorded live at The Casbah on several occasions by EMusic Live, for broadcast on the internet. While CDR’s were burned of each show with handwritten info etc., the concert on Aug. 8 2004 was issued on a branded CD and was not only available for purchase online, but also at San Diego music retailer M-Theory Records.


New Swedish Compilation features Manual Scan

Souvenirs, a great new compilation, Souvenirs, from Sweden’s, Sound Asleep Records, includes Manual Scan’s “She Said It’s Late,” alongside other great North American pop from 1975-95. Some of the artists included are Flying Color, Three Hour Tour, The Wishniaks, Choo Choo Train, The Reverbs, The Explosives, Todd Newman & The Leatherwoods. That’s a serious line up!




New York Magazine, Talent in Motion features Blindspot Records



A bit of everything in this New York magazine. The main piece details Blindspot Records, a bit about Bart and a bit on The Shambles. Talent in Motion Spring 2009


Blindspot News




Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow! Blindspot Records (helmed by Bart Mendoza) continues to bring you some of the best music San Diego has to offer, across genres. Recent offerings include:


Anna Troy - Live / Stereo 360 Sound, (Blindspot 123) Live tracks culled from shows at the Belly Up Tavern and Lestats in San Diego
Wendy Bailey  - It Ain’t Rocket Surgery (Blindspot   ) Re-issue of awesome powerpop / rock ‘n’ roll EP

IrradioI Am The Horn (Blindspot   ) Punk and rock ‘n’ roll and jazz and funk – a swirl of sound, manic and compelling indie rock, with horns.

The Bleeding Irish - Ar Doltas EP (Blindspot   ) Celtic Pogues styled drinking music….

The Shamey JaysFour of Your Pretty Packages (Blindspot ) A preview EP four their then forthcoming album…garage rock, seventies style

The Shamey JaysYour Pretty Packages (Blindspot ) A full length rock gem…


Upcoming Titles Include

Skelpin – Title TBD

Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes – Anthology Vol. 2 (1984 – 2006)

Dave Humphries – title tbd

Marie Haddad – title tbd

Wendy Bailey – title tbd

VA - Staring at the Sun VIII
VA - Staring at the Sun VIIII


All the artists have been receiving airplay in Spain /  Mark Decerbo & Four Eyes Anthology – rated 3 stars in the July 2009 issue of Record Collector… www.myspace.com/blindspotrecordssd


Books feature Manual Scan’s “Plan of Action”



New! We’ve just discovered a French pressing of this book! Manual Scan’s “Plan of Action” 7” EP cover is included in, “The Album Cover Art of Punk Rock” - there have been two editions in English to date, with the “generic” sleeve the latest.


New Beatles Comics Anthology

Here is info on a terrific new Beatles comics anthology! Although it’s not included in the book, Bart wrote an insert in the original series, so we’ve included details below:


The Beatles Experience

Tentative release date: November 2009

280 pages . Cover artist: Vinnie Tartamella / Interior art and story: Todd Loren, Mike Sagara

-Includes all 8 issues of the 1990s series plus unpublished cover gallery, updated articles - plates with the original Scott Jackson cover paintings will appear in the book as chapter breaks

Publisher: Bluewater Productions www.bluewaterprod.com


Below are the original eight covers (now plates in the book), issued between1991 – 1992 . Also shown is the rare insert for issue #6, written by Bart Mendoza. It came with advanced copies of the book, each insert was signed. Also, tentatively due in 2010, will be another graphic novel, detailing The British Invasion, collecting the two comics below, plus additional material. Bart had an essay in each comic, both of which will be included in the upcoming book.





07/17/09 Goldmine Magazine- The Rave On column by John Borack gives The Shambles album 20 Explosive Hits a rave review! (pg. 21)

05/27/09 Citybeat

05/28/09 The Reader

05/28/09 San Diego Union / Night & Day


Where can you find The Shambles or Manual Scan’s music?

Looking for the music of The Shambles or Manual Scan? The best places is JAM www.jamrecordings.com Also check Get Hip Records and Bomp Records in the U.S., Detour Records in England and Rock Indiana in Spain.



UPDATED January 2009

Four Eyes Anthology 1977-1988

Bart contributes liner notes and vocals to the new Four Eyes Anthology, collecting material from 1977 – 1988. An amazing treasure trove of unreleased power-pop goodies, this is a must for all fans of the genre! Bart sings back up on one track.



Folding Mr. Lincoln noted!

Bart contributes liner notes to this incredible Americana based album! Includes the classic “Missing Her Pretty Green Eyes.”



Staring at The Sun VII

Be sure to pick up your free copy of “Staring at the Sun VII” from any of the bands featured. The CD release shows were a huge success! In addition to the copies given away at the shows bands have copies to give awayJ In addition to the Shambles, the line up includes Steve Poltz, The Anna Troy Band, The Modlins, circaNow, Fuzz  Huzzi, Lualta, Wendy Bailey, Echo Revolution, Brooklyn, Folding Mr. Lincoln, Christopher Cash, Dave Humphries, The Spring Collection, The Shake Up’s, Danielle Lo Presti & The Masses, Rev 89, Bad Science Fiction, Chris Leyva, CoCo and Lafe, Patric Petrie  and Laura Kuebel.


New Shambles album! “Desde Ayer”


The album is our tribute to Spain, released in conjunction with JAM Records.  this holiday season there will be a limited edition Shambles album, “Desde Ayer,” featuring outtakes, demos, alternate mixes and songs from unfinished projects. Highlights on the 14 track disc include the original recording of “All Sorts” by Mission: To Mars*, a live in studio version of “Desde Ayer” recorded for FM94.9’s Tim Pyles hosted “Pyles Sessions,” an acoustic studio demo taped with Mark DeCerbo, “Problems of Her Own” and lots more. We also include four tracks in Spanish- three originals (“Desde Ayer,” “Un Poco Mejor” and “Sin Ti”) and a cover (an alternate mix of “Nadie Te Quiere Ya” with a harmony vocal). Also included (for completists sake:-) is the band’s version of “Sympathy,” originally by sixties era Spanish sensations, Los Bravos. www.jamrecordings.com www.myspace.com/blindspotrecordssd


The limited edition album is available from

JAM Records www.jamrecordings.com

Kool Kat Music www.koolkatmuzik.com

and soon, from

Not Lame www.notlame.com


New Old Comp Found! The Kingpins cover “Plan of Action” !

Just discovered! “Plastic Bomb” a 2001 compilation featuring Canadian ska group The Kingpins classic take on Manual Scan’s “Plan of Action”!


The Shambles Mod Radio UK

The Shambles have recorded a pair of jingles for ace online radio station, Mod Radio UK. The first one even has it’s own video featuring clips from San Diego’s mod scene, circa the early eighties!




Out March 2009 / Jetset Tribute: Do You Want To Be In The Show?

It’s here! Look for tunes from The Shambles (“Hard to Say”) and the awesome Cola Jet Set (from Spain) as well as The Spring Collection, Jeremy, Rinaldi Sings, The Eddies, The Che Men, The Risk, The Ringles, Herb Eimerman, The Shingles, Russ Schneider, Mega Super Ultra, Ed James, Yeh Yeh and more! From Twist Records ! www.myspace.com/twistrecords and frontman Paul Bevoir can be found here: www.myspace.com/paulbevoirmusic


“Manual Scan in Auto Focus” on Che Blog!

The Che Underground blog, started out covering the happenings at the Che Café on the UCSD Campus, but has evolved into a significant series on San Diego’s indie music history. Here is a very cool entry on Manual Scan complete with pics, videos and info…




Manual Scan’s music has shown up on a lot of interesting websites, this one is a little more obscure than the typical music site





                     UPDATED October 2008

Out Now! Eva Braun Covers The Shambles “Blindspot”!


“Off The Record” is the great new collection of rarities from Eva Braun. This amazing band, based in Becej, The former Yugoslavia, includes a wonderful string filled version of The Shambles “Blindspot,” in their native language – just stunning! www.myspace.com/evabraunonline


The Shambles on Troubadour Cover! + Press

The Shambles turn up in The Troubadour’s September issue and on the cover! This free monthly paper can still be found in back issues at venues around San Diego – grab one while you can! The article itself (but minus all the pictures) can be found in back issues at : www.sandiegotroubadour.com

03/30/08 Bart is name checked in a blurb on the SATSVI CD release show at The Casbah in the San Diego Union Tribune.

07/28/08 The Shambles “20 Explosive Hits” is pictured in Jam Records ad in the 2008 International Pop Overthrow program.

08/27/08 Manual Scan in Citybeat blurb on SSSC 25th anniversary. Includes vintage pic of a club ride with Bart on the right.

08/28/08 Manual Scan in The Reader blurb on SSSC 25th anniversary.

09/00/08 The Shambles “20 Explosive Hits” is pictured in Jam Records ad in this months Goldmine magazine.


Out Now! “20 Explosive Hits”

A tribute to the classic K-Tel multi-artist albums of the seventies, “20 Explosive Hits” gathers 21 prime cover tunes by The Shambles from throughout their career. With their catalog currently out of print, this is the only way to find the bands take on songs by The Who, Jeremy, Squire, Los Brincos, The Zombies, Connie Francis, Rain Parade, The Birds and more. Many tracks make an appearance on a Shambles release for the first time, with the whole thing capped off by the band’s infamous “San Diego Medley” live aural compilation of San Diego related hit songs. The rough medley was taped, off the cuff, at the end of a session at Strate Sound Studios, for FM94.9’s Pyles Sessions show, helmed by Tim Pyles. On Black Cherry Records, these will be a strictly limited edition.

   The limited edition album is available from

JAM Records www.jamrecordings.com

Kool Kat Music www.koolkatmuzik.com

and soon, from

Not Lame www.notlame.com


“20 Explosive Hits” - Review:

Here’s a great review from The North County Times : http://trageser.com/music/album-shambles.php



The Anna Troy Band releases live cover of “31968” and…!

Lots going on with Anna Troy! Her new album, “Wait Another Day” makes its debut Oct. 4, 2008, with a CD release show at Bar Pink in San Diego. The disc is an excellent collection of tunes with stellar guitar work from Greg Douglass (Steve Miller Band/Greg Kihn Band). Ten killer originals and a revved up cover of Manual Scan’s “I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster.” Bart also contributes harmonies to two songs. The album will be available at I-tunes, CD Baby etc. If you are lucky enough to catch Anna in concert, pick up a copy of “A Long Way From Home” – this disc is available exclusively at her shows and includes a mix of outtakes and album tracks. But what will really make future collectors salivate is the seven song bonus live set (with Bart sitting in on a few tunes) that includes takes on Long Tall Sally, Bad Boy and cool new versions of songs from her debut album, “Ain’t No Man.” Closing the whole thing is a killer take on Manual Scan’s “31968” that is markedly different than the version the band ultimately recorded for the compilation “Staring at the Sun Vol. VI.” As if that wasn’t enough, Blindspot Records has re-issued her first solo album, “Ain’t No Man.” The album includes updated graphics. www.myspace.com/annatroy


A second pressing for Dave Humphries! W/ alt cover!

Dave Humphries is hard at work on his next album, but we can happily report that 4th album, “and so it goes…”, has sold out it’s first pressing. Bart was project manager and occasional musical contributor to the album (vocals,bass,keyboards), which also features music legend Tony Sheridan on five songs and production from Mike Kamoo. The new pressing allowed Dave to change a few things in the artwork, so, collectors note: the second edition has a completely new disc art and a new back tray card: www.myspace.com/davehumphriesmusic


The Spring Collection new album! Includes Manual Scan cover!

The Spring Collection is hard at work on their next album, but in the meantime they’ve released “In Between” a terrific collection of tunes that includes originals and covers of The Jetset, Byrds, Manual Scan (“It’s Only Love”) and Squire!  



JAM Records “Sweet Relief 2” to include Shambles and more…

The second volume of “Sweet Relief 2” is set to include contributions from a worldwide selection of artists including two from San Diego: The Shambles and Anna Troy.



Online: Cheblog, New Crawdaddys, Towne Criers pages! And More …

Che Blog : Info on San Diego in the early eighties – lots on the Crawdaddys, Manual Scan and all the other groups that various members of The Shambles and Manual Scan were also in: The Answers, The Nashville Ramblers, Gravedigger V, I-Spy, Mystery Machine, Lemons Are Yellow and lots more. Essential! It’s a blog, but there are also entries on specific bands: www.cheunderground.com/blog

Manual Scan : http://cheunderground.com/blog/?page_id=140

Mystery Machine :  http://cheunderground.com/blog/?page_id=161

The Crawdaddys : http://cheunderground.com/blog/?page_id=1041  (this entry is particularly amazing!)

The Towne Criers : http://cheunderground.com/blog/?page_id=845


The Crawdaddy’s w/ Mark Z




Towne Criers w/ Mark Z



The Shambles @ Facebook



Manual Scan @ Mr. Suave – cool history of the band!


The Reader has a ton of updated pages on it‘s San Diego Music Encyclopedia:

The Shambles : http://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/shambles/

Manual Scan : http://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/manual-scan/

True Stories : http://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/true-stories/

The Spring Collection : http://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/joe-mendoza/

Boys About Town : http://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/boys-about-town/

The Crawdaddys : http://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/crawdaddys/


Manual Scan Reunion Sept 2008: Report


Secret Society Scooter Club’s 25th Anniversary celebration weekend was incredible – you should’ve been there! Hats off to all the club members, but especially Jennifer Rassmussen and legendary bassist Tony Suarez (formerly of Manual Scan – check him out with the band here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMgPQCnNO8c ). The event generated a lot of cool stuff: left to right: Casbah Ad, poster and t-shirt, poster, flyer and a Citybeat article which included a picture of a Secret Society rally. By coincidence the two gentlemen on the right of the picture, both club members, happened to be playing the reunion concert: in the white helmet looking at the camera is Ed Moore of The Downs Family, next to him is Bart, peering off camera.

Left to right, the cover of a CD compilation included in gift bags at the Secret Society dinner- amongst many classic songs from local bands of the eighties was Manual Scan’s “Come See Me.” The image was also used for t-shirts. Next up is a second Casbah ad. As you can see they always have an amazing line up!


Thee Strawberry Mynde to record Manual Scan song
Thee Strawberry Mynde are planning on releasing a live album early next year. The show, to be recorded using the venues 24 track recording system, will be held on January 17, 2009 at The Studio in Hartlepool, England and notably will include an ace version of “I Can’t Don’t want To.” Making this a truly amazing show, also on the bill are The Mourning After ! You can get more info on the show and album at






                     ________UPDATED MAY 2008


Out Now!

Staring at the Sun VI is out! Cool tracks from 20 great San Diego acts including The Modlins, Secret Apollo, Echo Revolution, The Grams, Circa Now, Action Andy & His Haunted Honky Tonkers, Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes, Lee Coulter and more. The Shambles turn in their quirky song “Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Bear,” and Bart adds some harmonies to the Dave Humphries track “Runaway For The Day.” The album also includes The Anna Troy Band’s version of Manual Scan’s “31968.” http://www.myspace.com/blindspotrecordssd



And speaking of The Grams – Bart contributes backing vocals to The Grams new album, Love Factory.



Also out now is “A MATTER OF TIME: THE BEST OF RAY BRANDES” from Spain’s Party Line Records. The album features songs from throughout his career including The Shambles, The Tell Tale Hearts, The Riot Act etc. Meanwhile, The Shambles also contributes a track to “Sweet Relief” a compilation put together by Jam Records to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina victims. They also appear on “San Diego Indie Music Fest IV.” Additionally, Bart contributes bass, vocals, keys, art direction etc. on Dave Humphries latest album, “so it goes…” The Grams: www.myspace.com/chuckschiele  Dave Humphries: www.myspace.com/davehumphriesmusic

Gary & The Gnats w/ Kevin Donaker Ring


On July 13, 2008, Kevin Donaker-Ring reprises his role in Gary & The Gnats, an occasional Adam & The Ants tribute group preforming in honor of Bar Pinks 1st anniversary! Do Not Miss!


The Eddies Cover Manual Scan! Twice!

Los Angeles based trio The Eddies have included their versions of Manual Scan’s “Don’t Know Where To Start” and “Jungle Beat” on their new album, Twice Around the World. The disc is comprised of covers of mod classics (Times, Jetset, Squire and more!) and it’s mastered by none other than Earle Mankey! “Jungle Beat” was originally included on their album “In The Sunshine”





New! Blindspot Records & The Spring Collection Myspace!

In addition to pages for The Shambles, Manual Scan, Bart and Kevin (plus a lot of past members of the bands) Blindspot Records now has a page, as well as Joe Mendoza / The Spring Collection. Be our friend!




New! Videos: The Shambles, Manual Scan and more! 

We’re Still gathering clips from all the various projects, for several DVD's: one covering the New Sounds Festival, one on Manual Scan and a Shambles one. If you have any footage please let me know! In the meantime here's a batch of videos from around the net:


Manual Scan 1986: Come See Me (New Sounds Live) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7ASWOdVwQw


Manual Scan 1984:  “New Difference” (San Diego TV) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMgPQCnNO8c


The Shambles 1999: “Nadie Te Quiere Ya” (Live on Spanish TV) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uZh6V4jsy8


The Shambles 2007: Nadie Te Quiere Ya  (Live at Adams Ave St Fair)



The Shambles 2001: Blurs Somewhere - (Voxxfest) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUw7K0CUdV4


The Shambles 2001: Taking Jaded- (Voxxfest) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pge1cVdDwWU


Bart: Ocean Beach Holiday Toy Drive: Dec 12 2007 (just a few seconds)



Marie Haddad w/ Bart - Humphrey’s 2008: “Where You Are”



Anna Troy Band w/ Bart - Whistle Stop 2007: “Long Tall Sally”



The Guilty Pleasures: Mark DeCerbo w/ Bart, Danny Cress, Joe Paumo: Mission Beach Boat & Ski Club Jan 6 2008



The Guilty Pleasures: Bart w/ Mark DeCerbo, Danny Cress, Joe Paumo: Mission Beach Boat & Ski Club Jan 6 2008



Mod Fun has made a video / photo montage using “Nothing Can Be Everything” as its soundtrack! You can check it out here:



More Shambles !

Be sure to check out another great site for info on the Shambles and related projects! Here you can find even more detailed info, including set lists and reviews! Fantastic stuff- check it out!  http://www.geocities.com/shamblesrule/index.html

Play along with The Shambles !

Lyrics and guitar chords to over two dozen songs by The Shambles, Manual Scan and Bart’s side projects are available on our website at http://www.theshambles.net/tab.htm - More songs will be added over the months – if you have one you’d like to see included, let us know and we’ll put it at the top of the list.

Help Needed! New Manual Scan / Shambles DVD project

Do you have any videos, live recordings or photographs of either The Shambles or Manual Scan? We’d love to talk to you- Photos taken at the Bachman house, 2581, Club Zu, Blitz Studios, rehearsals, 4041 44th St. or ? We’re still in the planning stages and are hoping to gather as much stuff as possible – If you have anything, no matter how minor, please let us know! Also what would you like to see? We plan on interviews with band members past and present a few music luminaries, complete songs and odd ball stuff, bonus memorabilia pages and a full concert + assorted TV appearances – and we need your help! : -)



Updated! New Recordings For 2008!

A long overdue update of pending recordings. On the release schedule:



The band will also be contributing to numerous compilations. A bunch of long pending titles may finally see the light of day and lots of new stuff has recently been added:



“Remember The Lightning” on Tribute to 20/20 (Twist Records, England)

“Good Times” on Tribute to The Risk (Twist Records, England)

“Hard To Say Goodbye” on Tribute to The Jetset (Twist Records, England)

“The Bird” (Manual Scan) or “A Girl to Kill For” on Many Moods of Beauty (The Beautiful Music, Canada) An all instrumental album.

“It’s Late” on Tribute to Ricky Nelson

“Snookeroo” on Tribute to Ringo Starr (Jealousy Records)


“Blow Away” on Tribute to George Harrison (Jealousy Records)

“You Wear It Well” on Tribute to Rod Stewart (Delirium Records)

“I Helped Patrick McCoogan Escape” - Tribute to Ed Ball & The Times (The Beautiful Music, Canada)


Related Releases

Manual Scan’s “She Said It’s Late” will be included on an upcoming comp from Sweden’s Sound Asleep Records. Due fall 2008.


The Spring Collection has also signed on for both Twist Records Compilations, and will additionally contribute to Canadian label Beautiful Music’s Tribute to Television Personalities series. A new album is also in the works with over a dozen songs already tracked. In the meantime a new Spring Collection compilation will be released by Blindspot Records this summer. Appropriately titled “In Between,” the album includes outtakes, tribute album contributions and a batch of new cover tunes, topped by a terrific version of The Everly Brothers “Let it Be Me.”

Kenny Howes is due to record a version of “The Colour Swirl”

Anna Troy’s upcoming self titled sophomore release includes covers of Manual Scan’s “31968” and “I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster”

In other news, American Heart & Soul, released in 1986 by England’s Hi Lo Records and featuring tracks from Manual Scan, Mod Fun, The Rumble, The Lost Patrol and more is still set to be reissued by Spain’s Snap! Records. A labor of love, the album will include bonus tracks, an interview with Hi Lo’s  Anthony Meynell (of Squire / Sugarplum)  and Bart providing liner notes and memorabilia from his collection, including rare photos of the groups.

Also, Bart contributes vocals to the upcoming Static Halo album.


March 2008 Pacific Magazine – Bart interviewed on favorite clothing J w/pic of “Forty One Sixty”


            UPDATED DECEMBER 2007


Mod Fun covers “Nothing Can Be Everything” + video !

New Jersey’s finest trio, Mod Fun, has a new album, Now and Again. Excellent all around, the album features their version of The Shambles “Nothing Can Be Everything.” It’s out now! www.modfun.com  www.myspace.com/modfun

Okay – here’s the best part – the band has made a video / photo montage using the song as its soundtrack! You can check it out here:




Out Now! Online Tribute Albums include The Shambles!

 The Byrds online tribute album series, Timeless Flyte, is out and awesome! A total of four albums will make up the series and the first two are out! http://payplay.fm/artist/Timeless+Flyte-A+Tribute+To+The+Byrds – The band turn in an exclusive rendition of “Feel A Whole Lot Better,” with Chuck Schiele contributing vocals and percussion!


The Shambles also turn up on the online compilation, Tributes or not Tributes: Rewind, with their version of “Leaving Here”



The Shambles Live! FM94.9’s “Pyles Sessions”

The Shambles have scored a bit of airplay this year, particularly the songs “All Sorts” and “Change,” but nothing tops the band’s “Pyles Session” ! Taped for FM94.9, produced by Alan Sanderson, hosted by Tim Pyles ! The session was live in the studio, and set for five original songs. However, since the bands songs are so short, at the end of the session they launched into a medley of San Diego hit songs for the amusement of those present (including iconic local drummer / vocalist Larry Grano and country singer-songwriter Mark Jackson amongst others) and the results were also captured by Sanderson’s console. All the “Pyles Sessions” are archived on the stations website, though this one isn’t up yet. Eventually the session will eventually be archived at:  http://www.b949.net/local/index.cfm  Check out all the cool stuff already there :-)



May 27 2007    FM94.9 Airs six-song “Pyles Session”

The Shambles + Band interview

Host: Tim Pyles Producer: Alan Sanderson

1. Desde Ayer

2. Fire

3. Brilliant

4. All Sorts

5. Clouds All Day

6. San Diego Medley:

Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida

The Cascades – Rhythm of The Rain

Switchfoot – Mean To Live

The Monroes – What Do All The People Know?



Out Now!! From Spain! New mag/comp includes Shambles!


Out now is the 10th Anniversary edition of top Spanish fanzine, Anisia de Colores. The 100 + page, glossy covered book is chock full of info and interviews from the likes of Question Mark & The Mysterians and John Reis. The mag also includes an INCREDIBLE comp CD with nothing but garage and mod legends. From San Diego you will find The Shambles, The Loons and The Morlocks but also add in The Electric Prunes, The Fuzztones, The Loved Ones, The Cynics, Plasticland, Los Impossibles, Los Negativos, The Optic Nerve, The Stems, Yard Trauma, The Marshmallow Overcoat, Thee Fourgiven and more – this is absolutely an essential purchase! www.myspace.com/ansiadecolor



The Shambles interview in Italy: Misty Lane Magazine

Bart is interviewed for an article on The Shambles in a larger section on the California sound of the eighties, with other articles on Mike Stax, The Three O’Clock, The Tell-Tale Hearts and more! www.myspace.com/teensound


New Website from Jeppe Riddervold!

Be sure to check out the new website from Jeppe Riddervold – one of the best songwriters and producers around! Jeppe and Bart have collaborated on numerous tunes, and you can find “Survive,” on this website! Lots of other cool songs and info as well: http://www.jepperiddervold.com.


New! Manual Scan @Anti-Heroes.Com – Germany

Manual Scan’s “Plan of Action” EP is included on this website as one of 1983’s significant singles, alongside The Minutemen, Gun Club, TV Smith, The Leather Nun and The Tronics – The guys in the band are honored to be in this company!



New Liners! Lolas and Ryan Ferguson!


Bart contributes liner notes to Ryan Ferguson’s new solo debut, Only Trying To Help (Better Looking Records,) as well as The Lola’s new album, Like The Sun (JAM Recordings.) Check ‘em out at www.myspace.com/ryanferguson and www.myspace.com/lolasac30 .


Manual Scan – “I Can Only Give You Everything”

Our kind of website! Here’s a page devoted to Manual Scan’s version of “I Can Only Give You Everything.” Pics and info + entries on tons of other cover versions of this song. Basically everything you need on the song.  http://www.icogye.0catch.com/icanonlygiveyou75versions36.htm


Bart in new John Lennon Documentary “Why We Listen”

Bart was interviewed alongside Peter Bolland, Micheal Tiernan and Sven-Erik Seaholm in a new documentary from filmmaker Carla Sweet on John Lennon. Tons of rare footage and interview clips and yes, it’s Lennon and The Beatles who provide the soundtrack. Naturally, you can find it on You Tube, though split in four parts:


Part 1

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4



New Compilation (s)!


The original issue released for the San Diego Music Awards Sept 2007


The Shambles “All Sorts” was included on the promotional 2007 San Diego Music Awards compilation issued in September. The free disc included the track from The Shambles alongside tunes from Dirty Sweet, Get Back Loretta, UV Tigers, Vinyl Radio, Lady Dottie & The Diamonds, Gregory Page, The Truckee Brothers, MC Flow, Ryan Ferguson, The Prayers, Fifty on their Heels, Anna Troy, The Farmers, Robin Henkel, Transfer, A.J. Croce, Victoria Robertson, The Power Chords, Kite Flying Society and Matt Curreri & Ex-Friends !! Wow!! Instantly out of print, a second printing, with altered graphics, is scheduled for November as a promotional tie-in with the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown San Diego.


   The reissue - Dec. 12 2007 for The Hard Rock Hotel opening


Crawdaddy Magazine

Bart’s writing for Crawdaddy Magazine can now be found at: http://www.craigmaas.net/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.Crawdaddy



May 2007 San Diego Metropolitan Newspaper – The Shambles get a name check in an article about San Diego Soundscape

June 2007 The Troubadour - An excellent picture of The Shambles at Artwalk, is on the Troubadours back page of the June Issue (w/ Dave Howard cover story)

June 12 Citybeat – The bands show at House of Blues on June 19 rates as Plan B, to Norah Jones Plan A.

June 14 SignOn San Diego – Street – An article about Dizzy’s temporary shut down includes a pic of the band on it’s stage.

July The Troubadour - The Shambles get a blurb and a pic in a story on IPO.

July 2007 Misty Lane – Bart interview on The Shambles

July 19  Sign On San Diego -The Shambles get a name check in an article on this years Pride celebration

July 27 Ansia De Color – The Shambles have an article with pic, plus a song on the accompanying CD

October 4 The Reader – Bart is interviewed in an article on San Diego music history, specifically on Wings 1976 concert.

October 11 2007 The Reader – The band is name checked in an article on Adam Gimbel’s Music trivia night

November 2007 The Troubadour – two pictures of the band in “Local Seen.”



Volume two of an expected (gasp) ten volume tribute set to the much loved Television Personalities, picks up exactly where Volume One left off: cramming tewnty-something disparate tracks by a surprising range of performers, then sneaking in a bonus disc just in case your TVP fix wasn't complete. Which, for folks out of the know, begs the question: what the hell is going on here, who the hell are the Television Personalities, and does Pearl Jam know about this? Well, anyone hearing the hypnotizing clever quirk pop emanating from Dan Treacy will set you straight. There's just something magical about the tunes, something that begs anyone with any musical leanings to play the damn stuff. So here we are: Volume Two and we're barely getting started. Bookended by two wonderful versions of "If I Could Write Poetry" (the dreamy stringed section version by The Shambles, and the stark dreamy version by the late Nikki Sudden), Volume 2 craftily mixes new and old performances, known and osbcure, fun and serious. It's a wonderful mix of excellent performances, daring versions and some charmingly iffy moments (all much like the TVP themselves), and a testament to the power and diversity of one of Britain's most overlooked songsmiths (Dan Treacy). Keep up your collection whatever you do. 


             Updated JULY 2007 

New Tunes from Static Halo

Bart joined Static Halo (Dylan Martinez, Justin Bryant, Todd Woolsey) at Jason Hee’s (Buzzkill Romantics etc) Golden Hill Studios on April 8 to add harmony vocals to a batch of tunes slated for the bands next album:

Girls in the Sun

Bleu the Fighter Pilot

A Place In The Sun

Won’t Be Long


Adam Gimbel (Rookie Card/Blasphemous Guitars) and Marie Haddad are also taking part in the sessions!

Guest Vocalist

Bart is teaming up with brilliant Hammond organ based combo, The Tony Face Big Roll Band, for a re-recording of Small Faces classic “Don’t Burst My Bubble.” Look for the song to be released in Italy later this year.

More New Music Out Now!

The last few months have seen a plethora of releases with involvement from the guys – You can find just about everything at Not Lame www.notlame.com  and JAM www.jamrecordings.com in the U.S. and in the U.K. at Detour Records. http://www.detour-records.co.uk


“The Young Idea: A Tribute to Squire” with liner notes from Bart and two songs from The Shambles, “The Life” and “It’s a Mod Mod World” + “A World of My Own” by The Spring Collection. www.myspace.com/squirestribute

“A Tribute to The Television Personalities: I Would Write A Thousand Words” with liner notes from Bart and The Shambles version of “If I Could Write Poetry” www.thebeautifulmusic.com. http://www.myspace.com/tvp2tribute.

“Staring at the Sun V” is now out of print after one month. It features The Shambles “More Than This,” as well as tracks by Anna Troy, The Spring Collection, Mark DeCerbo and Four Eyes, The Grams, Vinyl radio, Blizzard, Podunk Nowhere, Barbara Nesbitt, Citizen Band, Berkley Hart, Buzzkill Romantics, Scott Wilson and more- the disc also includes Scott Wilson’s “Coffeehouse 101” video with cameos from over 50 San Diego scenesters , including Bart.

“San Diego Soundscape” is a new compilation available only through Convis, a.k.a. The San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau. The song included is “Change,” on a cool roster that includes Rookie Card, Transit War, Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective, bill and more! Look for release events ahead an lots more!

Sounds Like San Diego III

The Shambles took part in the third Sounds like San Diego show, paying tribute to the areas greatest songwriters. The band performed one-off versions of The Nashville Ramblers “The Trains” and a medley of Iron Butterfly’s “In A Gadda Da Vida,” The Cascades “Rhythm of the Rain,” Switchfoot’s “Meant To Live,” and The Monroes “What Do All The People Know?”. Proceeds from the show were donated to local musicologist Lou Curtiss and his legendary Folk Arts Records.



Kenny turns up in the book “Beatles Discovered.” His “Second Album,” is pictured in a section on album covers that pay homage to the Beatles own cover images. If you’re a Beatle completist, you need this book- if you’re a fan of power-pop or melodic indie rock, you need the album.


Bart was heavily involved in the Staring at The Sun V Project alongside Chris Schiele (The Grams) and Christopher Leyva (Blizzard). Here is the significant coverage for the show. Only band related interviews are listed. None of Bart’s music journalism is included here. See his Myspace page for a list of publications he writes for:


02/21/07 Downtown News (SATSV Overview + pic of Anna Troy)

02/21/07 Citybeat Plan A

02/21/07 North County Times (interview plus pic of Bart & Chuck)

02/22/07 San Diego Union Tribune / Night & Day Also of Note

02/22/07 Peninsula Beacon (SATSV Overview + pic of Anna Troy)

02/28/07 Citybeat Plan A

03/08/07 Downtown News (SATSV Overview + pics of Four Eyes, Berkley Hart)

03/01/07 Presidio Sentinel

04/01/07 Presidio Sentinel (album review + interview)




03/22/07 North County Times - “The Young Idea: A Tribute to Squire” Review featuring both The shambles and Spring Collection.

03/31/07 North County Times – Bart gets a name check in a review of Rachael Gordon’s new album, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl”

04/18/07 Citybeat Plan A SLSD3

04/19/07 San Diego Union Tribune / Night & Day SLSD3 + pic of Anna Troy

04/26/07 San Diego Union Tribune – The band is discussed (w/Bart quotes) in an article on the new Convis campaign to promote local music- a large full color picture of the band is on the front page of the business section, while a black & white pic of Bart is on the inside. There is also a picture of the band on the inside front page/contents and another on the masthead of the local section.

04/28/07 Artwalk Program - The Shambles are included in the annual Artwalk magazine / program issued to coincide with the festival. It includes a live pic of the band and bio.


             Updated MARCH 2007

San Diego Cook Book

Bart contributed to the Listen Local cookbook, which gathers recipes from San Diego musicians and includes a CD of local singer-songwriters. Bart has a picture and recipe in the book, though not a song on the CD, which is packed with great tracks by the likes of Gregory Page, Lisa Sanders, Steph Johnson, Berkley Hart, Anna Troy and more.  http://hometown.aol.com/cathrynbeeks/COOKBOOK.html. A portion of the proceeds from this project will be donated to the San Diego Rescue Mission.

New Cover!

Stefan Johansson and Herb Eimerman have teamed up to record a very cool version of The Shambles “(She’s Used to Playing With) Fire.” Stefan had previously joined forces with Joe Algeri for a version of the bands “She Said It’s Late” while Herb has recorded a terrific version of “All Sorts.”

Jeppe Riddervold website!

Our good friend Jeppe Riddervold has a new website, with all kinds of info on this ultra talented musician and songwriter. Check out his cool studio Chelsea Avenue as well. One of the sites best features is the chance to sample Jeppe’s new tunes. Also here is the original recording of the song “Survive” which was penned by Jeppe with lyrical help from Bart. It’s an incredible tune, and for now can only be found at: www.jepperiddervold.com.

Staring at the Sun Volume V ! Free!!! Due Jan. 6, 2007!

As unbelievable as it may seem, the fifth volume of San Diego Music compilation series Staring at the Sun is here! The album will be a promo giveaway at shows! Yep, it’s going to be absolutely free! Look for tracks from The Shambles, Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes, Buzzkill Romantics, Marie Haddad, Podunk Nowhere, Heathen Kings of Olde, Scott Wilson, Anna Troy, The Spring Collection, Jeff Berkley & Citizen Band, The Grams, Vinyl Radio, Barbara Nesbitt and more! As a bonus, the album includes Scott Wilson’s “Coffeehouse 101” video, featuring dozens of San Diego artists. Look for a series of shows – including The Casbah Feb. 5, Lestat’s Feb. 8 and more early next year to promote the albums release.

Bart produces new Rachael Gordon compilation!

Collectors have been demanding it and Japanese label Wizzard In Vinyl have delivered! Bart produced this compilation which gathers up material previously available only on 45’s or compilation albums, including the original version of infamous tune “Phil Spector’s Birthday,” by her band The Sleazybeats- plus three brand new tracks! Bart also plays guitar throughout and wrote three of the albums songs; “Fun at Your House,” “And Sometimes” and “Sense of Perception”, all of which appear here in both demo and finished form.

Manual Scan Re-issued!!

Spain’s Munster Records has re-issued Manual Scan’s Plan of Action 7” EP – yes, on vinyl! -  this fall as part of it’s “El Club Del Single” series – basically a collectors only series of cool repros of classic singles! This is a limited edition item, so act quickly if you want one. Munster Records did an amazing job- the pressing is actually better quality than the original! http://www.munster-records.com/club/club.htm - TV’s Fox Rox aired a segment on the singles re-release!


The Crawdaddys Immortalized!!


Looking for the perfect holiday or birthday gift? The Crawdaddy’s, featuring Mark, have their 1979 song “I Can Never Tell” included on the Children of Nuggets box set from Rhino Records! The 4 disc set also includes The Nashville Ramblers, Hoods, Unknowns and Tell Tale Hearts alongside the Hoodoo Gurus, Lyres, Rain Parade, The Funseekers and many others. This is an excellent collection with lots of rare stuff from the 80’s included- and therefore absolutely essential. Available everywhere, but might we suggest Off The Record or M-Theory as great places to pick up new music? Now you’re ready for Arbor Day!

Even more on The Crawdaddys!

Just found this new page about The Crawdaddys – the author quotes extensively from All Music Guide and San Diego’s Citybeat Magazine (Music writer Scoop Stevens), with some nice sleeve images- Nice one! http://thewickedthing.blogspot.com/2006/10/crawdaddys-crawdaddy-express-voxx-1979.html

Here’s another webpage – from Spain -  devoted to the group’s single: http://www.ipunkrock.com/fuzz/inc/articulofuzz.php?id=924

This page will let you know what legendary magazine (now online) Trouser Press thinks of the band. Hint: it’s good. http://www.trouserpress.com/entry.php?a=crawdaddys

Here’s a new link to a cool 1979 Crawdaddys flyer! http://www.dollarrecord.com/gallery/flyers/others/Crawd.jpg

Act Naturally

The Shambles will appear in a batch of upcoming film projects, sort of: -) Jeremy Cox is best known as artist and colorist on numerous comics and will be making his directorial debut with the film Gothic Cowboy. There is a scene in Graveyard Park / Mission Hills that includes a mob of scooters, one of which is Bart J. More importantly Kevin will be contributing to the soundtrack! http://www.violetant.com/gothic_cowboy.html

Bart also turns up as a background extra in the indie film Park Grubbs due out later this year. Bart’s 3 seconds of film time are spent as “ticket buyer #12.” Keep your eyes peeled in the same scene for two other ‘80’s musicians; The Penetrators Jim Call and The Tell Tale Hearts / Hedgehogs Paul Carsola. http://www.parkgrubbs.com.

Look out for re-runs of TV’s Veronica Mars and keep an eye on the background scenery – Shambles posters were used as set decorations! Lots of our friends are there as well: Transfer, The Loons, Buzzkill Romantics, The Stereotypes, some of San Diego’s finest are getting unique airtime: -) http://www2.warnerbros.com/television/tvShows/veronicamars/?frompage=sitemap


Vampyrates Update!

The long awaited second issue of the Vampyrates comic book (from Jeremy Cox) has moved into the preproduction stages, with Kevin now actually helping to plot the destiny of his namesake character in the series! We’ll keep you posted on further developments. http://www.violetant.com/vampyrates.html Here’s the cover art for issue #1, sans the masthead!

New Old Book Discovered!

A Complete Lowlife from Top Shelf Books is one we missed earlier- and it’s now sold out it’s second printing. “Witty and poignant, Ed Brubaker's collection of semi-autobiographical tales focuses on love, despair, lost friendships, and the murky morality of stealing from work. Known for being one of the funniest series ever published in comics form, LOWLIFE dissects the Slacker / Generation X lifestyle from the inside out, bringing a great amount of humanity to the process along the way.” So it says in the catalog from Top Shelf Productions http://www.topshelfcomix.com/catalog.php?type=3&title=3 . This graphic novel from Ed Brubaker is set in Maynardville, but really – it’s San Diego. The late night taco shop is a dead ringer for La Posta on Washington and Third, down to the liquor store and laundromat, while the comic book store could only be Comic Kingdom on University Ave. Names have been changed, things are implied, but anyone who is around the San Diego scene will find themselves connecting a lot of dots, and everyone will find a pretty involving read. And take a look at the club scene for Manual Scan graphitti and a two panel cameo from Bart :- ) Ed designed a cool cassette cover/ t-shirt design for the band (check it out here: http://www.theshambles.net/Art.htm , and did a lot of great indie comics, but is far better known as one of the brains behind DC Comics Prez revival (waaay cool,) Batman spin off Gotham Central and Catwoman amongst others. Earlier this year he jumped ship to Marvel and has taken over the reins of Captain America! Way to go Ed!

Press – Radio - TV

Kevin was interviewed (w/picture) in The Reader 10/02/06 in an article on the closing of Tower Records.

The November 2006 issue of The Troubadour has a picture of Bart performing at the John Lennon Tribute on the inside back page, while the December 2006 issue has a picture of Bart taken at Isaac Cheong’s ten year anniversary show at Lestat’s.

Bart also was a guest on FM 94.9’s The Local Pyle with host Tim Pyles live from The Casbah Oct. 29 2006.

Bart was featured on Fox-6 TV’s Fox Rox on 11/02/06 in a piece about Manual Scan. Manual Scan footage from New Sounds 1986 was screened, and Bart was featured in three inserts and a closing trivia piece alongside show co-host Patrick Sheehy. It was repeated 11/04/06.

Bart was a presenter in the Hip-Hop category on Cox-TV’s Channel 4 broadcast of the 16th Annual San Diego Music Awards which aired 11/04/06 and 11/25/06.

Bart was included in a segment on The Beatles new album, Love, broadcast on Fox-6 TV’s evening news 11/23/06. It was rebroadcast 11/24/06.

Off topic a bit, but Bart had a letter published in the Oct. 2006 issue of British magazine Record Collector.

San Diego Music Awards 2006

Thanks to everyone who voted, but it was a plus minus sort of night on Sept. 18. Sadly, The Shambles didn’t win this year in The Best Pop Category at the San Diego Music Awards. HOWEVER!  Bassist David Lizerbram’s own group Kite Flying Society took home the trophy for Best New Group! Congratulations!! In a side note, Bart was drafted at the last second as a presenter for the hip-hop categories. Look for the ceremony – which includes live music from Switchfoot, P.O.D., Gregory Page, AJ Croce, Dirty Sweet, Transfer, Gilbert Castellanos, Arabella Harrison and more – to be broadcast throughout November on Cox Cable Channel 4, in the San Diego Area.

We LOVE The Lola’s!!

Hands down one the best bands going, here’s a collector’s Alert: Not Lame has copies of The Lola’s performing The Shambles “I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster” on both 7” EP (from Wizzard in Vinyl) and on the CD “Silver & Gold.” Pick up either one, you won’t be disappointed!

Hot New Music From David and Todd and Kenny!!

The hottest band in San Diego at the moment? Kite Flying Society ! This great group features our own David Lizerbram. What do they sound like? Well, it’s a bit pop, sometimes folk, occasionally rock and there’s some other stuff in there as well – it all adds up to awesome stuff you should check out!  David by the way has been part of a few well known groups in the past including Rookie Card side project Rookie Ricardo and The High Lonesome Rollers amongst others. The group recently backed folk legend Peter Yarrow and has a critically acclaimed album, Where is the Glow? – check it out! www.myspace.com/kfsmusic

Also Todd Woolsey continues on the  drum stool for the incredible Static Halo, but has also recently been drumming on occasion for ‘80’s powerpop legend Tommy Tutone!  Static Halo is one of the best indie power pop bands going, with an emphasis on the “power,” the band has been out of commission since the fall of 2005, but looks set to hit the ground running, with basic tracks for a new album already in the can. Static Halo has tons of stuff scattered across various comps plus two albums to their credit. And just to mention it, yes, you have also seen Todd behind the kit with Christopher DaleJ. www.myspace.com/statichalo

And as for Kenny Howes? He’s recently been in the studio working on new tunes, including a killer version of Abba’s “Waterloo” taped with his Popdude compatriots which will showed up on this years IPO compilation. He will also be contributing to the upcoming Shambles covers disc with a version of “The Colour Swirl”! http://www.kennyhowes.com

           Updated AUGUST 2006

Ricky Nelson Tribute

The Shambles have recorded a version of the song “It’s Late” to a tribute disc for Ricky Nelson! I’ve seen an advance list of artists set to contribute and it promises to be an AMAZING comp!

Squire tribute due Jan. 22 from Twist Records!

Paul Bevoir has put together a stunning cover for the upcoming Squire tribute album, The Young Idea. Here’s a sneak peek at the back tray art, which gives you a look at the final track listing as well. Yep, The Shambles get two tracks – check for the subtle lyric changes in the band’s version of “It’s A Mod Mod World.” The album will be available from all the usual suspects- definitely Detour Records for example. http://www.detour-records.co.uk

Manual Scan / The Shambles :Online reprints of In The Crowd !

In The Crowd was the eighties top British Modzine, eventually transforming into Tailor Made for the early nineties. Edited by Derek Shepard, the magazine championed incredible music at a time when it was highly unfashionable. As it stands the zine is a historical document and not only captures a moment in musical history, but is likely the only place you’ll see such indepth, as it happened, coverage of bands such as Scarlet Party, Mod Fun, Yeh Yeh, Secret Affair or Manual Scan. The band was featured often and had a cover mounted flexi-disc in issue #18, alongside the Risk. Derek has an incredible website devoted to the eighties mod scene (up to modern times) and has posted lots of sections on bands of the era, including pages from his amazing magazine. The section on Manual Scan reproduces eight pages from various issues throughout the 80’s and early ‘90’s, complete with photos, and includes a tour diary of The Shambles initial 1991 foray in England. You can check it all out at: http://modernworldzine.homestead.com/manualscan.html

New Recordings! Online demos!

Bart and good friend Mark DeCerbo recently took part in The Game, a fun gathering of songwriters in which said scribes have to pen a tune to a predetermined title! Phew! You can find four of Bart & Mark’s acoustic demos (“Quick” “Below The Fold” and two completely different versions of “Problems of Her Own”) produced by Mike Kamoo at  http://www.bigfellas.net/Other/thegame.htm

The Shambles recently entered the studio with world renowned producer / engineer Alan Sanderson, best known for his work with Burt Bacharach, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones and Weezer! The band cut a rip roaring version of “More Than This” penned by Bart, and we even convinced Victoria Robertson, who happened to be visiting the studio that day, to play a bit of piano: -) The song was recorded specifically for the upcoming album….

Just out is Marie Haddad’s A Beautiful Road, which includes her version of The Shambles “Where You Are,” is out! Bart plays guitar on that track, as well as plays bongos on the tune “Didn’t Deserve It.” You can get a copy and more info at http://www.mariehaddad.com or http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=5031308

And also just out is Rookie Card’s What’s On Second? Bart participates in a sound collage at the opening of the tune “Rave Up,” and is also among the masses shouting “not it!” on the track “Everybody's On The Phone.” This is an amazing album by the way, great tunes, great production and great performances - check it out at: http://www.rookiecardthemovie.com or http://www.myspace.com/rookiecard

Buffalo Springfield Tribute- Out Now!!

The Buffalo Springfield tribute album, Five Way Street, from Not Lame is out now! The Shambles quirky take on “Whatever Happened to Saturday Night,” is included. It’s no longer available but pre-orders scored a bonus compilation featuring top cuts from Sid Griffin, Buddy Woodward and Mission: To Mars* (a side project that included Bart) - their version of “Better Days” was included.


–Here’s a look at the bonus cuts:

Buddy Woodward - “Other Man” (unreleased)
Jeff Larson - “Alongtime” (unreleased demo)
Bobby Sutliff/Tim Lee (Windbreakers) - (new Windbreakers song)
Freddie Krc - “On The Way Home” (unreleased)
Bart Mendoza (Mission: To Mars*) - “Better Days” (unreleased demo)
Sid Griffin - TBD
George Usher - “Waiting For An Invitation” (unreleased demo)
Jeff Glenn (Retros) - “Hey, Don’t Go Looking For Love” (acoustic demo)
Maplewood - TBD
Byrds of a Feather - “Eight Miles High” (live)
Last Train Home - “Matchbook Message” (from Bound Away album)
Rich Hopkins & the Luminarios - “Red, White And Blue” (from the album Ka-Ju-Tah)

Marvin Gaye?

Bart’s passion for record collecting earned him a credit on the new Marvin Gaye DVD from Universal/Reelin’ In The Years. Titled The Real Thing in performance 1964-1981, discs from Bart’s singles collection were used in the accompanying booklet’s memorabilia center spread.

Paul McCartney Tribute Concert!

Dizzy’s in downtown San Diego will be the site of a special Paul McCartney Birthday Tribute weekend June 17-18. The Sunday evening show will feature classical guitarist Fred Benedetti recasting some of McCartney’s classic tunes for six string acoustic guitar. But for pop fans it’s the Saturday show that will get the adrenaline pumping! The Saturday performance will feature a dozen of San Diego’s finest artists performing a wide range McCartney’s  solo and group efforts under an umbrella called “Before I’m 64” – This show will sell out, so get there early. Check out the list of performers: Transfer, Get Back Loretta, Steph Johnson, The Truckee Brothers, Gregory Page, Anna Troy, Dave Humphries, Victoria Robertson, The Shambles, Peter Bolland and more! www.dizzyssandiego.com.


There is a live pic of Bart (taken at Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge during Scott Wilson’s CD release) in the April 2006 issue of the Troubadour. www.myspace.com/sandiegotroubadour

The Shambles recent and ongoing troubles with their name were addressed in an article in The Reader on May 3, 2000 in the Blurt section and were name checked in the comic strip “Famous Neighbors” on May 29. This one is about Wildman Fischer.

Kevin was quoted and The Shambles were included in a story of how bands got their names in the Reader on May 18, 2006

The Spring Collection (this is Bart’s brother Joe’s band – Bart plays bass, Mike Kamoo drummed and manned the board) gets a very good write up in Spanish zine El Planeta Amarillo, #8 to be exact. This is 296 pages and comes with a CD comp and a button! Wow! http://www.yellowmelodies.com

The Spring Collection scored a full page write up in the May issue of Talent in Motion. Basically a cool New York fashion mag, they also cover the arts. This includes a black and white pic. http://www.timmag.com

Manual Scan drummer Morgan Young was featured on the cover of San Diego Citybeat March 16, 2006 issue! An excellent full color pic- track one down!


              Updated May 2006



The San Diego Reader did a cover story on March 9, 2006  about the San Diego / Spain connection which extensively interviews Bart and Ray Brandes. The Shambles, The Riot Act and more show up in the article, with a great live shot of Bart by Melanie Martinez on the cover! Best of all the article was written by the legendary Paul Williams, a true honor. http://www.sdreader.com/php/cover.php?mode=article&showpg=1&id=20060309



Bart shows up in an article on Mark DeCerbo and Four Eyes in the San Diego Union Tribune which ran on Jan 15, 2006.



Crawdaddy’s find!

GOLDMINE #38 July 1979
Great issue with articles on CHARLIE FEATHERS, THE ROYAL TEENS, ELVIS, LAURA LEE, ALADDIN LP's, and all the things that make Goldmine such a cool mag- but dig this! This issue has a full color
CRAWDADDYS! advertisement for their first LP on the back cover! Of course their first album cover is black and white, but, hey, it’s the first major ad for the first Voxx records release!



Shambles on TVP’s Tribute Album News:


OUT NOW! The second volume of The Television Personalities If I Could Write Poetry, featuring The Shambles take on the title track has been delayed until spring 2007, but now in addition to a CD version from Canada’s Beautiful Music label, there is a limited edition vinyl edition, Someone To Share My Life With issued by Sweden’s But Is It Art? Records. The track listing is: http://www.butisitart.org :

Side 1

Girl at the Bus-Stop - BMX Bandits       

This Time There is no Happy Ending - Pacific Radio

Look Back in Anger - Summer Factory

Prettiest Girl - Semion

If I Could Write Poetry (alt vocal)- Nikki Sudden

Side 2

Part Time Punks - Two Angry Men       

Someone to share my life (rehearsal mix) - Lovejoy

14th Floor - Swell Maps       

If I Could Write Poetry - Shambles

The Engine Driver Song (alternate mix) - The Higher Elevations       

Geoffrey Ingram - Jonathan Caws-Elwitt


Video Cameo!

Bart makes a brief appearance in the video for Scott Wilson’s new song “Coffeehouse 101.” The clip features over 50 San Diego artists lip syncing a line or two of the song, at varied locations around town: Bart’s two or three seconds of glory were filmed at Lestat’s.  The clip had its premiere Mar. 9 and will be available through all the usual outlets. You can get more info at: http://www.metalogicmusic.com