The Shambles: Video

Plus! Manual Scan, True Stories, The Crawdaddys, Town Criers and more! Anything with Mark, Bart or Kevin!

We’re gathering clips from all the various projects, for several DVD's: one covering the New Sounds Festival, one on Manual Scan and a Shambles one. If you have any footage or photos please let us know! In the meantime, here's a batch of videos from around the net.


The Shambles:


The Shambles 1997 : “(She’s Used to Playing With) Fire” San Diego Music Awards TV


The Shambles 1998 : “The Color Swirl” – Live on Tijuana, Mexico’s XEWT-TV


The Shambles 2002 : “In Your Arms” Live on KNSD-TV


The Shambles 2001 :  “What You’re Missing”  (teaser clip) Live on KUSI-TV


The Shambles 2001 : Live on KUSI-TV – Chat + “(She’s Used to Playing with) Fire”


The Shambles 2001 : “In Your Arms” Live on KUSI-TV


The Shambles 1999 : "Nadie Te Quiere Ya" (Live on Spanish Television)


The Shambles 1999:  “Nothing Can Be Everything” (Live on Spanish Television)


The Shambles 2001: "Blurs Somewhere" - (Voxxfest)


The Shambles 2001: "Taking Jaded"- (Voxxfest)


The Shambles 2007: "Nadie Te Quiere Ya"  (Live at Adams Ave.St Fair)


The Shambles 1991:  An instrumental rehearsal of “Fire” used as a bed in a Scooter Racing Video-


The Shambles 2008 :  The Shambles rendition of Squire’s “It’s A Mod Mod World” set to a simple graphic:


Manual Scan (featuring Kevin & Bart):


Manual Scan 1986: "Come See Me" (New Sounds Live)


Manual Scan 1984:  "New Difference" (San Diego TV)


Manual Scan – “31968” a semi-chronological history of the band in photos and memorabilia


Mod Fun has made a video / photo montage using Manual Scan's "Nothing Can Be Everything" as its soundtrack! You can check it out here- 2007


Here's another 2008 photo montage, mostly rare eighties mod record sleeves, set to Manual Scan's "Jungle Beat." -


Someone in Spain has posted a copy of Manual Scan's "Plan of Action" E.P. playing on a turntable:
Side A

Side B


The Crawdaddys (featuring Mark Z.)


The Crawdaddys 1978 film of “Cadillac”!


The Town Criers (featuring Mark Z., David & Ray)


The Towne Criers performing “Black Cloud” and “Every Little Sin”


Here’s the Town Criers doing “John Jacob”


And from the same show: “Break My Mind”


And here’s “Big Mouth Blues”


A great version of “I Don’t Want”


Bart Mendoza:

John Lennon : “Why We Listen” 2007 Documentary on John Lennon. Four musicians are extensively interviewed throughout:

Bart, Michael Tiernan, Peter Bolland and Sven-Erik Seaholm.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :


True Stories 2008: Bart's new combo June 25 2008 at OB Street Fair. "Another Girl, Another Planet."


Bart: Ocean Beach Holiday.. Toy Drive: Dec 12 2007 (just a few seconds of "Warm This Winter")


The Anna Troy Band w/ Bart : Whistle Stop 2007 - "Long Tall Sally"


The Anna Troy Band w/ Bart : impromptu "Paperboy" at Humphrey's May 2008


Marie Haddad w/ Bart: performing Bart's "Where You Are"


The Guilty Pleasures: Mark DeCerbo w/ Bart, Danny Cress, Joe Poma: Mission Beach Boat & Ski Club Jan 6 2008


The Guilty Pleasures: Bart w/ Mark DeCerbo, Danny Cress, Joe Poma. Mission Beach Boat & Ski Club Jan 6 2008 - performing Sven Erik Seaholm's "It's Coming Back"


Exile on Kettner Blvd. Mario Escovedo fronting a Stones tribute jam featuring Bart, Rick Wilkins, Keith Hilton, Shaun Cornell and Charlie McCree - "The Last Time" - 12/24/07


Exile on Kettner Blvd. - Mario Escovedo fronting a Stones tribute jam featuring Bart, Rick Wilkins, Keith Hilton, Shaun Cornell and Charlie McCree - "Satisfaction" - 12/24/07


Fookin Wankers (Oasis Parody) Highlights – Adam Gimbel fronted group with Chris Marsteller (The Loons) and Jason Hee (Buzzkill Romantics). Features an opening clip of Troy Johnson and Bart (in his bearded period!) on Fox-TV’s “Fox Rocks.”


The Tell - Tale Hearts (featuring David, Ray & Bill)


Like the Town Criers, The Tell-Tale Hearts shared three members with The Shambles- you can find their videos here: