New Sounds:

This concert series was promoted by Bart, with Matt Fidelibus and Ron Friedman as well as SSSC and the band. Generally a week of shows building up to a huge blowout. This page is still a work in progress. Only the lineups for ’84, 99-00 are anywhere near complete…dozens of groups to be added. Does not include any of the hundreds of shows promoted by Bart & the band that are not “New Sounds” affiliated.


1)       1984 Club Zu – Encinitas :  Mod Fun (New Jersey), Manual Scan, Wickershams, Manual Fun

2)       1985 JP’s – Point Loma : Boys About Town (Ed Ball/Times, Paul Bevoir/ Jetset, Simon Smith/Merton Parkas-Mood Six w/ Bart & Kevin from Manual Scan- Anthony from Squire is there as well as the Question) Jaywalkers (Los Angeles), Manual Scan, Trebels, Nashville Ramblers, Key, Nephews, etc

3)       1986 New Generation – San Diego : Jetset (UK), Risk (UK), Tell Tale Hearts, Nashville Ramblers , Manual Scan w/ Anthony Meynell (Squire- UK), Quarrymen, Trebels, Deadbeats, Multiple Choice, D-Fendants

4)       1987 NO SOUNDS (CANCELLED-literally as first group was preparing to go on. Some groups perform at house parties…) Pandoras, Rumble, No Doubt, Toasters, Nephews, Manual Scan, The Event, Deadbeats, Corporate Humour, Trebels, Let's Go Bowling, Lost Patrol, Leopards, Crockodile Shop, Barons, Town Cryers, 27 Various, Donkey Show, DJ's Dennis Borlek & James Harrel - Fashion Show - Eleesa Enos etc.

5)       1988 Montezuma Hall – SDSU :   Donkey Show, Untamed Youth (Miss.), Manual Scan, Event, Tell Tale Hearts, Event, Nashville Ramblers, more…

6)       Wed Sept 13 1989 Corporate Humour performs "Tommy" w/ acoustic music from Bart, Kevin and Ray - 2581

7)       Thur Sept 14 1989 Ben Wayne Combo - 2581

8)       Fri Sept 15 1989 Funseekers/Untamed Youth/Corporate Humour - 2581

9)       Sat Sept 16 1989  Montezuma Hall – SDSU : Leopards (St. Louis), Untamed Youth (Ms.), Funseekers (MN), Corporate Humour (St. Louis), Manual Scan w/ Jeff Connelly (Lyres- Boston), Trebles, The Idea, Sharkskin, Mummies, The Event w/ Bart Davenport (Loved Ones), Ben Wayne Combo (AKA the Crawdaddys), Gangbusters, the Others, Tell Tale Hearts, Towne Criers, Donkey Show, River Roses (AZ) – Johnny Marr (Smiths) and various Jellyfish & Bangles spotted in attendance.

10)    Sun Sept 17 1989 Funseekers/Manual Scan - 2581

11)    1990 Soma – San Diego: Hepcat, 27 Various, Funseekers, Loved Ones (S.F.), Shambles, Marshmallow Overcoat, Jigsaw Seen, Contra Guerra, Aminiature, Odd Numbers, more

12)    1998 Java Joe’s – Ocean Beach : Incredible Moses Leroy, The Negro Problem (LA), Decibels (Sacramento), Helium Angel (S.F.), The Shambles, The Plot, Cindy Lee Berryhill’s Garage Orchestra, Pine Forest Crunch (Sweden), Static Halo, Uncle Jesus, Waxing Pathetic, Ray Brandes, Gripweeds (NJ), Lollipop Factory (Florida), Protones (Spain), Jennys (AZ), Gregory Page and the Troubled Sleepers, Ross (Spain), Pyramidiacs (Australia) , Stage Fright (Ill.)


And a few other blow outs in the same vein that we had a hand in promoting. The band frequently brings acts to town that might not play locally otherwise with Rusty Anderson, The Andersons, Jigsaw Seen, Jupiter Affect, 27 Various, Sugarplastic, Walter Clevenger, Glowfriends, Jeremy, The Chevelles, Adam Marsland and dozens of other shows promoted by the band.


13)    2000 Poptopia San Diego – Casbah – San Diego – The Chasers, Elgin Park, SugarPlastic, Beachwood Sparks, Jason Falkner, The Shambles, Rachel Gordon All Stars, Static Halo, Tulli

14)    Jim McInnes Tribute Concert - 11/10/02 - Cannibal Bar - Soul Persuaders, Tim Flannery, Joey Harris, Rockola, The Shambles, Banana Seeds?,  Mark DeCerbo, Berkley Hart, Jose Sinatra & The Troy Dante Inferno, Mark Stuart, Jack Butler, Four Eyes, Modern Rhythm, Earl Thomas + Coe Lewis, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Gary Kelley, Gabriel Wisdom, Bree Walker and more!

15)    Sounds Like San Diego I – Dizzy’s 2003 – Berkley Hart, Rachael Gordon w/Dylan Martinez, The Bad Apples, The Shambles, Mark DeCerbo, Dave & Stellita, Jon Kanis, Plastic Supermodel, Derek Duplessie, Jose Sinatra & Phil Harmonic, Marie Haddad w/ Jason Hee, Rookie Card, Truckee Brothers, Royaltones, Billy Midnight

16)    Sounds Like San Diego II – Dizzy’s 2005   AJ Croce & Gilbert Castellanos, Four Eyes w/ Dane Conover (Trees), Joey Harris (Beat Farmers) & Paul Kamanski, The Shambles w/Chris Davies (The Penetrators), The Coyote Problem w/Peter Bolland, The Wild Truth w/Sven Erik Seaholm, Modern Rhythm w/ Jim McInnes, Lou & Virginia Curtiss, Roy Ruiz Clayton, Jeff Berkley, Carol Ames, Derek Duplessie, Rookie Card, Billy Shaddox, Jose Sinatra & Phil Harmonic, Truckee Brothers.

17)    Before I’m 64 – Dizzy’s 2006 The Shambles, Gregory Page, Victoria Robertson, Dennis Borlek, Dave Humphries, Steph Johnson, The Wild Truth, Anna Troy, Peter Bolland, Slam Buckra, The Truckee Brothers, Joey Harris, Rookie Card w/ Joanie Mendenhall

18)    Staring at the Sun V Starlight Bowl 2007– The Shambles, Anna Troy, Blizzard, Joe Mendoza, Astra Kelly, Citizen Band, The Grams, Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes, The Coyote Problem, Superdoo

19)    Sounds Like San Diego III – Dizzy’s 2007 Mojo Nixon w/ Joey Harris, Private Domain, The Shambles, Anna Troy, Matt Curreri, Sara Petite, Joe Mendoza, Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes, Citizen Band, Lou & Virginia Curtiss