Blindspot Records:


This is the label organized by The Shambles. Albums are not always released in numerical order.  

See below for compilations, singles and cassettes.

 Offshoot labels, such as Twist Records, are listed afterwards.

Albums (CD)


 The Shambles - Clouds All Day–(Blindspot 010) 1996

Also licensed to Spain’s Snap Records for two additional pressings featuring an alternate track listing and bonus tracks.


Days and Maybes/The Colour Swirl/Blindpsot/Thin Lines/Bears Down The Hill-I Believe/ Original Tangent/Nadie Te Quiere Ya/Change/Rain/Don’t Know Where to Start/ A Girl To Kill For/I Can’t Don’t Want To faster/You Are My Friend/Brilliant/Moments


 The Spring Collection – (Blindspot 104) 2004


On and On/But I Did/Something Happened/A Little Bit of Me/Already Gone/Getting Used To Missing You/Going Away/How Are You (Getting Along Without Me)/And If I Don’t/I Thought That You’d Miss Me/Rolling Hills and Winding Roads/What Would That Look Like/Were I The Kind/Wonderful Tonight/You’re The One/Lullaby


 Dave Humphries – and so it goes… (Blindspot 106) 3/2008

Two pressings. Re-issue has new tray card. Features guitar from Tony Sheridan on five tracks.


 Heart Broken Angel / Run Away for the Day / Lose a Friend / What’ll I do? / Don’t Let Life Get so Bad / Daddy’s Lullaby / Daniella / Suzie / This Woman of Mine / Music in a Friends House / 38 Days


Wendy Bailey – It Ain’t Rocket Surgery (Blindspot 108) 12/2007

 Harmless / I Swear, I Say / Missing / She Walks Groovy / Cedar Tree


Anna Troy  – A Long Way From Home - (Blindspot 110) 07/2008

Includes performances from Robin Henkel, Megan Carchman and more.



Skelpin – Rua Rojo  – (Blindspot 112)

A reissue of the band’s first album. Includes performances from Matt Hensley



The Spring Collection – In Between (Blindspot 111) 8/2008         A collection of new recordings and outtakes plus rarities from various compilations.


In Between / Our Wildest Dreams / Photographs of me and You / Help Me Find / Let It Be Me / A World of My Own / It’s Only Love / Better With You / The Other Side of Joe / Respect Your Wishes / Like All Those Times Before / Mr. Spaceman / Christmas With You


Anna Troy  – Wait Another Day - (Blindspot 113) 10/2008 features guitar work and song writing from Greg Douglass (Steve Miller/ Greg Kihn)


Catch the Rain / Wait Another Day / In This Room / Out of Luck / There’s No Other Man / If You Still Want Me / Childhood Friend / The Way You Dream / So Hard / The Love We Had  + Bonus Track: I Can’t Don’t Want To


The Shambles   – Desde Ayer - (Blindspot 115) 12/2008 a collection of outtakes, band and solo demos, live tracks and Shambles related recordings.


Una Mujer Por Quien Matar (Mendoza) (Early Mix)

Desde Ayer (Mendoza)(Live on FM94.9 /The

    Pyles Sessions)

Sin Ti (Mendoza) (acoustic demo)

Un Poco Mejor (Mendoza) (demo)

Nadie Te Quiere Ya (Arbex) (alternate mix)

Sympathy (Magenta/Tiebner) (demo)

Problems of Her Own (Mendoza) (acoustic demo)

Paris Yesterday (Mendoza/Morris) (demo)

What You Mean To Me (Mendoza) (acoustic demo)

More Than This (Mendoza) (original mix)


Mission: To Mars* - All Sorts (Mendoza/Morris)

The Andrew Beacock  Congregation - Give Me A Sign (Young)

The Rarities - Happy Birthday (Napolitano)

The Spring Collection – I Thought  That You’d Miss Me (J. Mendoza)


Anna Troy  – Ain’t No Man - (Blindspot 116) 10/2008

a re-issue of the album originally released by Ragdoll Records.



The Shamey Jays – Your Pretty Packages - (Blindspot 117) 4/2009


Irradio  – I Am The Horn - (Blindspot 118) 4/2009

Winner 2009 San Diego Music Awards “Best Punk Album”


Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes  – Anthology 1978 -1990 - (Blindspot 119) 2/2009

Collects rare singles and unreleased recordings. *** Record Collector Magazine / UK


The Shamey Jays  – Four From Your Pretty Packages - (Blindspot 120) 2/2009


The Bleeding Irish –  Ar Dioltas EP  - (Blindspot 121) 5/2009


Skelpin  – A Trip To Skye - (Blindspot 122) 9/2009

Three pressings each with different packaging, including two different covers. The third pressing includes elements of both previous editions. The song, “The View” was the Winner of the 2010 John Lennon Songwriting Contest in World Music. San Diego Music Awards winner “Best World Music Album” 2010


Singing Bird / Polkas 2 / Johnny Don't Go To Ballincollig / He Moves Through The Fair / The Butterfly / The Journey / Running in Circles / The View / Trip To Skye / The Profit / Roseville Fair /  Queen Of The Fairies


Anna Troy  – Live - (Blindspot 123) 8/2009

A collection of songs taken from assorted concerts and lineup’s, seamlessly woven together.


Dave Humphries  – Hocus Pocus on Joker Lane - (Blindspot 124) 4/2010 two different pressings. First in slimline case. Second in full jewel box.


Circa Now  – Hotter Than A Pistol - (Blindspot 125) 5/2010


The Cardiac Kidz  – Get Out! - (Blindspot 130) 1/2011

 A rarities compilation featuring tracks from 1977 – 1981



The Cardiac Kidz  – Meet With Me - (Blindspot 131) 1/2011

Recorded live at Lestat’s West




Wendy Bailey & True Stories – String Theory (Blindspot 133) 01/12  

Tow the Line / Nothing Left to Say / Can’t Seem To Make You Mine / A Certain Appeal / You Still Take My Breath Away / Let your Love Bleed / Better Days / What You Mean To Me / Denial / I’m The One



Skid Roper  – rock ‘n’ roll pt. 3 - (Blindspot 145) 5/2010


Remember The Look / Downtown Down / Monday Afternoon / Hope / Skid Drive / Party Lights / Drunk, American Style / The Return of Rodan / Jennifer Johnson / Prism Walls / The First of Shadow / Puttin’ Up A Fence / I’ve Heard Everything




Compilations (CD):


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - (Blindspot 129) 9/2010

A sampler for radio


Circa Now – “Waterfront”   3:18  (from the album, Hotter Than A Pistol)

Wendy Bailey – “I Swear I Say”   3:08  (from the EP, It Aint Rocket Surgery)

Anna Troy – “The Love We Had”  3:47   (from the album, Wait Another Day)

The Shamey Jays – “You’re Pretty Packages”  2:47  (from the album, Your Pretty Packages)

Mark DeCerbo – “Cool With Me” 3:15

 Dave Humphries – “Rollin’ Up To Heaven” 3:00  (from the album, Hocus Pocus on Joker Lane)

Skelpin – “The View”   3:50  (from the album, A Trip to Skye)

 Marie Haddad – “The Wishing Well” 3:51 (from the album, A Beautiful Road)

The Shambles – “All Sorts” 2:37

Four Eyes – “Baby’s Not In The Mood” 4:07   (from the album, Anthology 1977 - 1990)

The Spring Collection – “But I Did” 3:09 (from the album, The Spring Collection)

Manual Scan – “Nothing You Can Do” 1:25

Dave Howard –  “Almost Angeline” 2:50

Skid Roper – “Remember the Look” 3:55 (from the album, rock ‘n’ roll part 3)

Dave Humphries – “Lose A Friend”  3:30 (from the album, and so it goes…)

Marie Haddad –  “Boxing”  4:00

Skelpin – “The Singing Bird”  4:33  (from the album, A Trip to Skye)

 Circa Now – “100 Watts” 2:48 (From the album, Hotter than A Pistol)

 Irradio – “Call The Nation”  6:47 (from the album, I Am The Horn)

Hidden track:

Manual Scan  - American Way (Live on FM94.9 The Pyles Sessions)


Staring At The Sun Vol. 9 –(Blindspot 132) 7/2011

This Life Scandal – The Great Bank Robbery 3:10

Neon Cough – Goodbye July 4:00

321 Stereo - Take Me Up 3:59

Red Fox Tails – Skate Deck 2:58

Death on Mars  - These Feelings 3:13

Echo  Revolution – Soul Work 2:27

Old Tiger – I Got It Figured Out 3:46

Scott Mathiasen – Borrowed Time 3:33

Lights On – Silverlake Girl 3:14

Wendy Bailey & True Stories – Nothing Left to Say 3:00

S03 – Johnny on the Underground 3:37

The Very – Pretty Little Things 2:30

Marie Haddad – Boxing 4:00

Gregory Page – That’s You 3:15

Colin Clyne – Pockets and Envelopes 3:14

Berkley Hart – I Still Dream of California 4:53

Werner West (Scott West & Justin Werner) – Cowboys & Aliens 3:10

Kevin Berker – Beautiful Mess 4:23

Country Rockin’ Rebels – Street of Lonesome Heartache 3:25

Skid Roper – The Return of Rodan  4:17            

The Cardiac Kidz – Mary Young 2:06


Bonus Archive Track


The Sleazybeats – Phil Spector’s Birthday (1997 Recording) 2:55



Staring At The Sun Vol. 8 –(Blindspot 107) 7/2010

SO3 – “MIA”

Vinyl Film – “Can’t Stop This Feeling”

The Riders – “Katie May I”

Echo Revolution – “Deadstick”

Anna Troy – “Wait Another Day”

The Farmers – “Your Own Way”

Lualta – “Bottom of the Bottle”

The Shambles – “Clouds All Day” (Live on FM94.9’s The Pyles Session)

Wendy Bailey – “Harmless”

The Shamey Jays – “Your Pretty Packages”

Zank Bennett – “Sorry”

Tori Roze – “Sweet Drank”

Dave Humphries – “Rollin’ Up To Heaven”

Circa Now – “100 Watts”

Red Flag – “Glass Spider”

XIV – “Concrete Flowers”

Skelpin – “The View”

John Miller – “We Will Find A Way”

Chuck Schiele – “Never Let You Go”

Mercy Vox – “Believe”

Four Eyes – “You’re Not My Girl”

Chris Leyva – “Night For Lovers”


Forty One Sixty: The Songs of The Shambles - (Blindspot / 109) 5/2010

Static Halo– The American Way (Mendoza)

Yeh-Yeh– And We Still Feel The Same (Mendoza)

Mark Le Gallez & The Eddies - Don't Know Where To Start (Donaker-Ring)

Liebling–  Survive* (Riddervold/Mendoza) (2003 EMI Publishing Award)

Happy Losers– Blurs Somewhere (Mendoza/Morris)

The Lola's – I Can't Don't Want To Faster (Mendoza)

The Sleepwalkers featuring Action Andy – Days & Maybes (Mendoza)

The Kingpins (Canada) – Plan of Action (Mendoza)

The Anna Troy Band– 31968 (Mendoza)

 Eva Braun – Blindspot (Mendoza/Morris)

The Andersons featuring Robbie Rist– Rain or Shine (Mendoza/Morris)

Mod Fun– Nothing Can Be Everything (Mendoza)

The Ringles– Innocence Becomes You (Mendoza)

Rachael Gordon– Fun at Your House (Mendoza/Morris)

Jeremy– I Believe (Mendoza/Morris)

Marie Haddad – Where You Are (Mendoza/Morris)

 The Hipnotes – Change (Donaker-Ring)

Sugarplum featuring Anthony Meynell – Confidence & Love (Mendoza)

Herb Eimerman – All Sorts (Mendoza/Morris)

Afterglow – Of Heart & Soul/For Jamie (Mendoza) 

The Eddies – Jungle Beat (Mendoza) version 1

The Truckee Brothers – The Waiting Game (Mendoza)

Cockeyed Ghost – Brilliant (Mendoza)

Mega Super Ultra – Confidence & Love (Mendoza)



Staring At The Sun Vol. 7 –(Blindspot 114) 7/2009

Circa Now – Waterfront

Lualta – This is a Vengeance

The Anna Troy Band – I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster

Wendy Bailey – I Swear, I Say

Echo Revolution – Knapsack

The Shakeups – Can’t Stop The Feeling

The Modlins – For The Good of The Armor

Christopher Cash – Morning Star

Steve Poltz – I Believe

Folding Mr. Lincoln – Missing Her Pretty Green Eyes

Dave Humphries – Heartbroken Angel

Rev 89 – Queen of The Scene

The Shambles – Mod Radio UK

The Spring Collection – Our Wildest Dreams

Brooklyn – Clipped Wing

Fuzz Huzzi – Hollywood

Coco Lafe – Reservation Billboards

Laura Kuebel - Nowhere

Bad Science Fiction –Love Factory

Danielle Lo Presti & The Masses – 22 Mountains

Chris Leyva – Mexico

Patric Petrie – Black Is The Color


Staring At The Sun Vol. 6 –(Blindspot 107) 4/2008

Circa Now -Tonight

Simeon Flick -Choice

The Infants –Josie’s Got A Brand New Man

Down With Leo -Glasses in Wintertime

The Grams -Love

Blizzard –Home

Echo Revolution -Safety First

Lee Coulter -Booty Voodoo

The Reverie (Seth Torma) -Lemonade

John Miller – Waiting

Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes -Omission

The Modlins - For The Good Of The Armor

The Anna Troy Band -31968

The Shambles –Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Bear?

The Mark Jackson Band -Open Wide

Dave Humphries -Runaway For The Day

Action Andy & His Haunted Honky-Tonkers -One Tortured Soul

Chris Leyva -  Beautiful Sky

Secret Apollo - My Solo Album

Jon Kanis - Make It



Staring At The Sun Vol. 5 –(Blindspot 105) 1/ 2007

Vinyl Radio - Come On and Dance  1:35

Anna Troy – Ain’t No Man 3:30

The Shambles – More Than This 2:02

Superdoo – Hilary 3:01

Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes - Cool With Me  3:15

Scott Wilson – Coffeehouse 101 4:09

Berkley Hart – Sink or Swim 4:23

Marie Haddad – Wishing Well 3:51

Heathen Kings of Olde – Reverend of Sin 3:27

The Buzzkill Romantics – Oh Heartache! 3:12

The Grams – Sixteen Seconds 4:31

The Coyote Problem – You’re Never Alone 6:28

Citizen Band – Boomerang Lover 4:00

Barbara Nesbitt - Fly Away

Will Edwards – City Walls 5:32

Podunk Nowhere – Junkie Love

The Spring Collection – A Little Bit of Me 4:13

Blizzard – Day Like Today 3:12

Bonus Video: Scott Wilson – Coffeehouse 101

Featuring cameo appearances from over 50 San Diego musicians and media personalities



Staring At The Sun Vol. 4 –(Blindspot 005) 

Dizzy - Rock N Roll Gaud

Milan - Field Of Rain

Avant Guardians (David Moye) - Happy Sappy Crap

Loam (w/ Frank Lee Drennan)  - Telephone

Ray Brandes - Monkey Planet

The Dragons - Pain Killer

Gregory Page - Cocktails And Cold Hearts

The Shambles - Nadie Te Quiere Ya

Mark De Cerbo - Green Grass Girls (Alt. Version)

Static Halo – Flutter (Demo)

Jon Kanis (w/ Mike Kenneally) - Forget That I Even Mentioned It

Waxing Pathetic - Sometimes

Alan Parry - I've Got My Eye On You

Grimblewedge - Bent Reverend

Sons Of Edison featuring Richard “Blitz” Livoni- I Don't Want To Let You Go

Big Time Operator - Bim Bam Baby

Jackie Starr  - We're Camping

Broken Dial Radio - This Is The Beginning

The Shirlies - Loopy

The Crawdaddys - There She Goes Again

Dizzy – Untitled



Staring At The Sun Vol. 3 –(Blindspot 003)   

Ray Brandes- Popular

Feral Children (Dizzy)- Schmatte

Feed -Weekend Expedition

Luper - The Breather

Monument - Forget the Past

Gregory Page - Last Train

The Shambles - Innocence Becomes You

The Rugburns - I Love You

The Sleepwalkers- Set Me Free

CLA - Spocks Brain

Jon Kanis - LP In A Bottle

Shovel Lover - Lying Dogs Sleep

Sublimaz - Daffodils And Daisies

Sugar Twin Reverb - Severed In Texas

Dark Globe - Grudge

Medicine Hat - Lay Of The Land

Richard Blitz - Follow Your Heart

Carolyn Des Pres - Dying For You

William Aura - Moving On

Deadbolt - Listen To The Messages



Staring At The Sun Vol. 2 –(Blindspot 004) 

The Shambles- Thin Lines

Whirl - You Almost Killed Me

Deadbolt - Mrs. Valdez

Eldergardens- The Sea

CLA - Punch And Judy

Jon Kanis - It Is And It Isn't

Gregory Page - Down The Moon

David Moye - Buckets Of Satan

Spun Ruby - You Take All The Time

Slow Children - Quicksand

Ghetto Schiest - McBain

Pocket Venus - No We Didn't

Deadbolt - Edie

Whirl - Calling All Around The World

Eldergardens- Fourth Disorder

CLA - World Is Round

Spun Ruby - As Close As Close Can Be

Jon Kanis - Waste Of Time

Dark Globe - Caribou Man



Staring At The Sun Vol. 1 –(Blindspot 001) 1992

Dragonfly: Angel Heart/Tell No Lies

Dark Globe: Diatribe TV Mix/Weinitrain

Miles from Nowhere: Andy Is A Prophet/ Lost

Contra Guerra (w/ Jackie Starr): Paradise/Sitting In My Room

Feral Children (Dizzy): Prism Heaven/10-30-38 f)

The Low Down: Closer To The Sun / Out The Door

David Moye: Tweakin/A Mind Of It's Own

Friends of Ghosts: The White Man Is The Devil

The Shambles: Medley Of Heart & Soul, Original Tangent, Stuck On The Inside

Second Sight: Inside Out/Godspeed

Don't Call Me Sir: Ode To Pete/Run For Cover



Singles / 7” Vinyl


Various Artists: Yellow Pills EP Vol. 1 (Blindspot 002)

7” Vinyl EP free w/ Yellow Pills fanzine. Buick Mackane became Dizzy.


The Shambles
The Jigsaw Seen

Buick Mackane



The Shambles – The Original Tangent (Blindspot 006)

7" Vinyl EP. Three songs. Blue vinyl Co-release w/ Gouramie Records of Arizona



Various Artists: Yellow Pills EP Vol.II (Blindspot 007)

7” Vinyl EP free w/ Yellow Pills fanzine  


The Melanies

The Andersons

Sullivan Warren





 Manual Scan - 79 to 89 (Blindspot 008) 

Rarities compilation with artwork by Ed Brubaker! Complete with three-panel j-card.


You're No Good (Live 5/89) /  For Your Love /  What Did I Say / Fearless (Live 1990) / Confidence And Love (Alt) / Plan Of Action (ITC Version) / James Bond Theme /  All Night Stand (Live 5/89) / Hey Girl / Woman  (Live1982) / American Way (1978) /  Tonight (1978) / I Want To Hold Your Hand (1984) / Nothing Can Be Everything (Live 11/13/86) / Ziggy Stardust (Live 1990) / Out Of Limits (reh 1989) /  I Gotta Move (reh 1989) / Round And Round (Live 1986) / Bang A Gong (Live 1986)



Various Artists: Sound Affects Vol. I (Blindspot 009) 
Complete with j-card. Free with Sound Affects magazine.


The Big Express - I Got A Line On You

Mod Fun - Just Out of Reach

The Edsey's - I've Decided

Blue Up - Everything Is

The Trebels - I Want To Be Your Driver

Manual Scan - It's Alright With Me

The Birminghams - Tired Of working

The Nephews - I'm That Way Too

Tea Club - This Boys Always Been True

The Deadbeats - All Aboard

The Tracers - Under Your Love

The Crawdaddys- Chicago

The Event - You're On My Mind

The Funseekers - Stars Fell On Itasca

39 Steps - A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You

The Celler Dwellers - Please Don't Cry

The Phantom Five- Telegraph Hill

The Tell Tale Hearts - I Get Up In The Morning

Ed Ball (Times) - Big Painting (Acoustic)

Anthony Meynell (Squire) - No Time Tomorrow (Acoustic)

The Club Zu All Stars - Gloria

Polecats For Peace - Turn Another Page



Various Artists: Sound Affects Vol. II (Blindspot 011) 1989

Complete with j-card. Free with Sound Affects magazine.


The Tell Tale Hearts- Nothin You Can Do

The Mondays - Don't Fear The Reaper

The Rumble - Boys Come Out To Play

Third Eye - Lovely Lonely

The Birminghams - City Light

39 Steps - Out Of Time

Mod Fun - 99th Floor

The Trebles - Pretty Thing

Birdy Num Nums - Feels Like Winter Inside

The Big Express - 99 1/2 Won't Do

Cybermen - Someday Will Come

The Dig - Mr. Nobody

Manual Scan -The Bird

The Tea Club- Blue Monday

The Tracers - Somebody Free Me

Mike Sinnochi - The Way I Feel Inside


Twist Records:

Blindspot co-produced a series of releases with British label, Twist Records.



V/A: The Young Idea - A Pop Tribute to Anthony Meynell and Squire.



V/A: Do You Wanna Be In The Show? – A Pop Tribute to the Jetset



1.The Eddies - "Colour My World"
2.The Shambles - "Hard To Say Goodbye"
3.Yeh Yeh - "Does it Look Like Rain"
4.Jeremy - "Every Little Moment"
5.Herb Eimerman - "You Should Know By Now"
6.Russ Schneider - "Jetset Theme"
7.Mega Super Ultra - "What A Way To Go"
8.The Che Men - "Wednesday Girl"
9.The Ringles - "What Can I Say"
10.The Spring Collection - "The Other Side Of Joe"
11.Ed James - "Welcome To The Bomb"
12.The Risk - "Judy's Toybox"
13.Rinaldi Sings - "Do You Wanna Be In The Show?"
14.Hanna Trance - "Happy In My Mind"
15.Richard Fairclough - "Mr. Maybe"
16.Tetters Plays Pop - "Vaudeville Park"
17.Cola Jet Set - "The Man Who Lives Upstairs"



Version 2Version 1

V/A: Powerchords, Harmonies and Mistletoe


01_ The Jetz- "Father Christmas"

02_ The Shambles- "Warm This Winter"

03_ The Little Murders- "Christmas (All Over The World)"

04_ The Decibels- "White Christmas,

05_ Yeh Yeh- “To All Who Can’t Attend”

06_ Ed James- "You Make Me Believe"

07_ Spring Collection- "Christmas With You"

08_ Jeremy-"Christmas Every Day"

09_ The Lolas- "The Little Drummer Boy"

10_ Rockola- "Just In Time For Christmas"

11_ Joel Algeri & friends- "Stockholm Christmas"

12_ Herb Eimerman- "Treat Yourself Well"

13_ Smodati- "In Tempo Per Natale"

14_ The States- "This Christmas"

15_ Los Immediatos- "Just Let It Snow"

16_ The Click Beetles- "A Christmas Wish"

17_ The Britannicas- "Chris Hillman Christmas"

18_ The Risk- "There Ain’t No Sanity Claus"

19_ Skid Roper- "Christmas Mystery"
20_ The Decibels – “Angels We Have Heard On High”

21 _   The Jetset- "Christmas Messages / What Can I Say (medley)"