The Shambles – Sessions:


The Shambles have participated in many recording sessions over the years. Here we provide a general Sessionography covering 1976-2005, with a mix of demos, released recordings, and side projects. The list is a work in progress, and as such is very much incomplete, both in actual sessions and songs recorded. None of Bart or Kevin’s home demo sessions, studio visits involving mixes, overdubs, mastering or production work are included, unless they were released. Multiple takes are not listed but alternate versions are.


Starjammer (Kevin & Bart) - Garage Demo Sessions** 1976-78

Starfire (Sherman)


C’mon and Love Me

I’ve Got A Line On You



The Crawdaddy’s – Two Track Demos 1978

Oh Baby Doll

Tiger In Your Tank

Crawdaddy Express

I’m Movin’ On



The Crawdaddys (Mark) – Crawdaddy Express Sessions - 1979

I’m A Lover Not A Fighter

You Can’t Judge A Book

Down The Road Apiece

Let’s Make It

Rainin’ in My Heart

I’m Movin’ On

Mystic Eyes

Oh Baby Doll

Bald Headed Woman

Come See Me

Got You In My Soul

Times Are Getting Tougher Than Tough

Down In The Bottom

Crawdaddy Express

I Wanna Put A Tiger In Your Tank


The Crawdaddys (Mark) – Voxx Singles Sessions - 1979

Why Don’t You Smile Now

There She Goes Again


Pretty Face

I Can Never Tell

I’m Gonna Leave You

I’m Dissatisfied


The Pedestrians (Kevin & Bart)  – Garage Demo Sessions**1978 -1979

There are literally reels and reels of this stuff somewhere. Tons of covers (Spirit, Costello, Cars, Kiss, Rubinoos, Costello, Del Shannon, Beatles etc and a bunch of otherwise unavailable originals were taped, but these are the only ones the band has tracked down.


High School Dance

Kevin's Song (Donaker-Ring)

American Way


Go On

Time After Time



The Crawdaddy’s May 21, 1980

3191 Adams Ave

I Can Tell

Daddy Rolling Stone

Guitar Boogie

You Must Believe Me



Manual Scan - Demo Sessions/ Hit Single **1980

American Way

Man About Town

The Bird

What Did You Say


New Difference

Plan Of Action


Manual Scan - Plan Of Action Sessions/ Circle Sound

American Way

Nothing You Can Do


Jungle Beat

New Difference

Plan of Action (unfinished)


Manual Scan – Dave Fleminger & Kevin Demos

Don’t Know Where To Start



Mystery Machine 1 (Mark) – Voxx Sessions 1983

She’s Not Mine



Mystery Machine 2 (Mark) – Demo Sessions 1983

Numerous tracks


Manual Scan - Down Lights  Sessions/ Circle Sound

Shape Of Things

Yesterdays Gone

Delve Into Everything

Time After Time

Go On

The Bird

Ever Any Reason

Man About Town

I Want To Hold Your Hand

And We Still Feel The Same

Don't Know where To Start

For Those

Plan Of Action

Nothing Can Be Everything

Leave My Kitten Alone (Little Willie John)

Confidence & Love (Acoustic)

Confidence & Love (Electric)



Manual Scan - Cutting Edge Sessions/ Circle Sound

Jungle Beat (remake)

New Song


Manual Scan - Southwestern College Demo Sessions**

It's Only Love

Hey Girl (Marriott/Lane)

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Yesterdays Gone

Delve Into Everything



Manual Scan - Unicorn Sessions/ Circle Sound



The Jetset – Five Sessions (Kevin) / Granny’s Studio, Fulham, London

Heaven & Mrs. Winter


Manual Scan - Lost Sessions-Voxx Sessions/ Circle Sound

For Your Love

Come See Me

I Can Only Give You Everything

It's Alright

All Night Stand


Manual Scan -  2581 Recordings (aprox. 10 tracks)

Behind The Wall Of Sleep (DiNizio)

Of Heart & Soul




Manual Scan- Days And Maybes Sessions/ Circle Sound

She said it's Late (long version)

Of Heart & Soul

She Said It’s late (short version)

James Bond Theme

I Can't Don't Want To

For Jamie

It's Only Love

And If


The Shambles - Marks Living Room – 4 Track Demos

Original Tangent

Of Heart & Soul

What Went Wrong

All The Love

Don't Know Where To Start


Innocence Becomes You


Kevin & …Acoustic Demos – 4 track demos

Wild Horses

Child Of The Moon

I've Just Seen A Face

Don't Know Where To Start


The Shambles – Susstones Sessions - Blitz Basement

Of Heart & Soul

Original Tangent

Don't Know Where To Start

Thin Lines

Stuck On The Inside

What Went Wrong


Fire Instrumental

Louise Version 1 (Kevin Vocal)

Louise Version 2  (Ray Vocal)


The Shambles - Box Studios


No Matter What

I Can't let Go

But I’m Different Now

Feel A Whole Lot Better

Might As Well


The Shambles - Clouds All Day Sessions I/ Blitz Studios

A Girl To Kill For

Delve Into Everything

Childs Play version I

Childs Play version II


Days And Maybes

I Believe

Bears Down The Hill

The Colour Swirl

I Can't Don't want To

Rain mix I

Rain mix II

You Are My Friend



Wendy Never

Nadie Te Quiere Ya

Leaving Here

These Moments

Love And Kisses

We've Got A Groovy Thing

Nothing Can Be Everything

Innocence Becomes You

Her Black Dress


But I'm Different Now

Love is All Around


The Shambles - Jon Kanis Sessions/ Blitz Studios

It Is And It Isn't


The Shambles – Clouds All Day Sessions II : Gregory Page Sessions / Blitz Studios


Is It In My Head?

But I'm Different Now


The Shambles - Tribute Album Session/ Blitz Studios

It's Going to Happen

Fixing A Hole

She's Electric

Beautiful one


The Shambles - Doubletime Sessions

Does Stephanie Know

It's A Mod Mod World


The Shambles - Closet Pop Freak Sessions – Los Angeles

Clouds All Day

I Believe

Chelsea Smiles

Her Black Dress

In Your Arms


The Shambles - Demo Sessions/ Blitz Studios

Other Things

Taking Jaded


The Shambles - Chelsea Smiles Sessions / Doubletime

A Short Spiral

Blurs Somewhere

Reviving Spark

You're No good


The Shambles – Sessions - Blitz Studios

Reviving Spark (unfinished)

David May (unfinished)


The Shambles - 4160 Sessions / Earthling Studios

Pretty Well Lit

Grace Intervenes


Desde Ayer

What You're Missing*

Where You Are*

She's Got Everything

Un Poco Mejor*


The Waiting Game

Jumpin In The Night


Mission: ToMars* (Bart) - First Session / Earthling Studios

Happy Together


Mission: To Mars* (Bart)- Under the Radar Sessions/ Earthling Studios


All Sorts

Comet's Tomorrow

Better Days

Eucalyptus Trees

Modern Themes In Revolution

About You

Won't Be Long


Down Enough

All Sorts mix I

Comet's Tomorrow mix 1

Better Days mix 1

Sick Of Myself

Teenage FBI


Mission: To Mars* (Bart) - Sessions III / Earthling

Different Drum

C'mon Get Happy


Bart - Paris Yesterday Demos Sessions /Earthling

Paris Yesterday

Rain Or Shine

It Might Rain Tonight

Cindy's Song

Devil You Know

Bigger Pictures

Rhythm Of The Rain

Why Not Your Baby

Devil you Know (Fast)

Bigger Pictures (acoustic)


Rachael Gordon (Bart) – Snap Sessions /Earthling

And Sometimes

When You Find Out


Sense Of Perception

Fun At Your House

Temptation Eyes (Unfinished)


Shambles - Film Sessions / Earthling



Andrew Beacock  (Bart)– Sessions/ Earthling

Hide and Seek

The River (just Andrew)

Maybe The People Would be The Times…

Clifton In The Rain

Give Me One More Sign


The Shambles - Brad: The Tribute Sessions / Earthling

Daily Nightly

Warm This winter


The Spring Collection (Bart)-  Sessions I /Earthling

Christmas with You

But I Did

Going Away


The Spring Collection (Bart) - Sessions II / Earthling

Something Happened


Getting Used To Missing You

I'm Not The Man

Respect Your Wishes


Rachael Gordon (Bart) -  Sessions II/Earthling – 2003

Original Tangent


The Spring Collection (Bart) Sessions III / Earthling

Better With You

A Little Bit Of Me

Already Gone

How Are You Getting Along

And If I Don't

I Thought You'd Miss me

Rolling Hills & Winding Roads

What Would That Look Like

Were I The Kind

Wonderful Tonight

You're The One (That Completes Me)


Bart - Acoustic Demo Sessions /Earthling -2003

More Than This

After Awhile

Jenny Diamond

Patron Saints of Could’ve Been

Other Side of the World

Sickle Moon

On The Radio



Rachael Gordon (Bart) -  Sessions III/Earthling - 2003

All Sorts

Crying InThe Night


Four Eyes (Bart) - Sessions / Earthling- 2004

Sunday Girl


The Shambles - Tribute Sessions /Earthling- 2004

All Sorts

If I Could Write Poetry


Static Halo (Bart) - Sessions/ College Studios- 2004



The Shambles – Squire Sessions / Earthling – 2004

The Life


The Shambles – Neil Diamond Sessions / Earthling -2004

Thank the Lord For The Night Time


The Rarities – Patron Saints Sessions (Bart) Basic Tracks / Bedpan Studios 2004-2005

Down Enough

Postcards From Dreamtown

All Sorts

The Patron Saints of Could’ve Been



After Awhile

When You’re Around

Year of Ashes

Happy Birthday


The Spring Collection - Squire Sessions / Earthling 2005

In A World of My Own

Mr. Spaceman (demo)

Joe solo demo

Bleeding (Bart solo demo)

You Still Take My Breath Away (Bart solo demo)


The Shambles – Tribute Sessions / Jeff Berkley’s Studio 2005

Whatever Happened to Saturday Night

Wouldn’t You Like To be A Bear


Rachael Gordon – Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl Sessions / Earthling  Summer 2005


Goodbye To You

Man’s Best Friend


Bart – Acoustic Demo Session / Earthling Summer 2005

Looks Could Kill (inst)

Yesterdays Hero


Rookie Card Session / Earthling Dec 15 2005

Rave Up (In a group effort, Bart takes part in a spoken word collage about his first concert as well as contributes handclaps)

Everybody's On The Phone (in a group effort Bart is part of the choir yelling “not it!”)


Marie Hadadd Session / Kitsch & Sync Dec 17 2005

Where You Are (Bart wrote it and plays acoustic guitar)

Didn’t Deserve It (Bart plays bongos in the segueway)


Mark DeCerbo & Bart Mendoza / Acoustic Demo Sessions Feb 16 2006

Before the Fold (DeCerbo/Mendoza)

Problems of Her Own (Mendoza)

Problems of Her Own (DeCerbo/Mendoza)

Quick (Mendoza/DeCerbo)

Sin Ti (Mendoza)


The Shambles / Strate Sound Sessions March 15 2006

More Than This


The Shambles / Strate Sound Sessions April 25 2006

More Than This (overdubs, mix, master)


The Rarities / Bedpan Studios May 3 2006

Overdub / vocal sessions for ten tracks originally recorded 2004-2005


The Shambles / StudiOB  Sept 28 2006

Feel A Whole Lot Better (Clark)

It’s Late (Burnette)


The Shambles / StudiOB Oct. 4 2006

Vocal overdubs and mix sessions for tracks recorded Sept 28 2006


The Spring Collection / Earthling Studios Jan. 9 2007

The Other Side of Joe (Bevoir)


Bart & Chuck Schiele / StudiOB Jan 28 2007

Tape two radio commercials, 30 and 60 seconds for SATSV Shows.


Static Halo / Jason Hee Studios April 8 2007

Bart adds harmony vocals to:

Girls in the Sun

Bleu the Fighter Pilot

A Place In The Sun

Won’t Be Long


The Shambles / StudiOB May 12 2007

Danny Cress on drums

For No One (Lennon/McCartney)


Static Halo / Jason Hee Studios May 14 2007

Bart adds harmony vocals to:

Long Shadows

Dylan’s New Song


Anna Troy Band / Earthling Studios May 24 2007

Bart adds percussion and production to:



Dave Humphries Sessions / Earthling Studios 11 AM May 27 2007

Bart plays bass on:

Heartbroken Angel

What’ll I Do


The Shambles Live Tim Pyles Sessions FM94.9/ Strate Sound 2 PM May 27 2007

Desde Ayer



All Sorts

Clouds All Day

San Diego Medley: In A Gadda Da Vida / Rhythm of the Rain  / Meant To Live  / What Do All The People Know


Dave Humphries Sessions / Earthling Studios 12:30 PM July 22 2007

Bart adds vocals to

Heartbroken Angel


Run Away for the Day

Bart adds vocals and keyboards to

What’ll I Do


Dave Humphries Sessions / Earthling Studios 11:30 AM August 19 2007

Bart adds vocals to

Daddy’s Little Angel



Don’t Burst My Bubble


The Grams / StudiOB 11:30 AM November 13 2007

Bart adds vocals to

Little Do They Know



The Shambles / Earthling Studios December 6 2007

Hard to Say Goodbye


The Spring Collection / Earthling Studios March 31 2008

Bart adds vocals to

Let It Be Me


Anna Troy / Earthling Studios April 27 2008

Bart adds vocals to

Here In This Room

I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster Gotta Stop


Anna Troy / Earthling Studios May 28 2008

Bart adds vocals to

The Love We Had


The Spring Collection / Earthling Studios 6 p.m. June 23 2008

Bart adds harmonies, plays piano and organ on

Your Wildest Dreams

Bart adds harmonies, plays organ on

Hidden in Me


The Spring Collection / Earthling Studios 7 p.m. June 29 2008

Bart adds harmonies, plays piano and organ on

Respect Your Wishes


Bart Mendoza / Jason Hee Recording 1 p.m. July 27 2008

Bart records demos of


Just To See Your Face Again

This Wish

What You Mean To Me

You Still Take My Breath Away

Can’t Seem To Make You Mine


The Spring Collection / Earthling Studios 7 p.m. July 28 2008

Bart adds harmonies

In Between

Like All Those Times Before


The Shambles etc. / Earthling Studios 7 p.m. Aug. 26 2008

Bart adds harmonies to:

Nadie Te Quiere Ya

More Than This

All Sorts (Mission: To Mars*)

Bart adds harmonies, Mike adds percussion to:

Give Me A Sign (The Andrew Beacock Congregation)

Bart adds lead vocals to:

Happy Birthday  (The Rarities)



The Shambles etc. / Earthling Studios 7 p.m. Nov. 5 2008

(Theme from) Mod Radio UK (Version 1)

(Theme from) Mod Radio UK (Version 2)

The Last Time Life Was Perfect

Harmonies on

Desde Ayer

Happy Birthday


Skelpin  / Studio West June 21 2009

Recorded harmonies with Wendy Bailey


Zank Bennett  / Big Fish Oct 24 2009

Production on 3 tracks + 3 live-in-studio tracks


Manual Scan  / Signature Sound Jan 26 2010

Nothing Can Be Everything
American Way
She’s So Fine
Plan Of Action
The Real Me


Wendy Bailey & True Stories  / Studio West Mar 4-5 2010

Basic tracks

A Certain Appeal
Let Your Love Bleed


Anna Troy  / Earthling Studios Sept 17 2010

Mix session – Bart adds guitar, Mike adds percussion to:

Finally Time

Mike adds percussion to:

How Long Will It Be


Wendy Bailey & True Stories  / Earthling Studios Oct 1-3 2010

Can’t Seem to Make You Mine

Better Days

What You Mean To Me

You Still Take My Breath Away

Tow The Line

Was A Time

Nothing Left To Say


I’m The One


The Rarities   / Berkley Sound Dec 13 2010

vocal session

Patron Saints of Could’ve Been

All Sorts


The Spring Collection   / Earthling Studios Oct 5 2011

Bart plays bass, adds vocals

Picasso’s Big Blue Heart

Carrie Ann


The Eddies / Earthling Studios Dec 5 2011

Bart adds vocals to

Jungle Beat