Bart at the Jam 1982. Perkins Palace, Pasadena.

Manual Scan with Anthony Meynell of Squire. Pacific Beach 1985.

Mark at the Casbah, San Diego 2000 by Sandra Castillo

Bart and Mark at Supper Club A Go Go, San Diego 1999. By Melanie Martinez

Bart the Capitol Years: With Donny Osmond 1987

Bart at Manual Scan Reunion 2001. Casbah, San Diego. Photo by Tim Pyles.

Shambles at California Club, San Diego 2003. Photo by Melanie Martinez.

Bart the Capitol Years II: With The Red Hot Chili Peppers. 1986

Kevin at the Marquee 1991

Mark Purple Weekend in Spain 1999

Bart the Capitol Years Part III w/ Bonnie Raitt

Bart the Capitol years Part IV w/ Harry Nilsson

The Diamond Years: Bart & Frank Gorshin

Boys About Town 1985: Simon Smith, Ed Ball, Bart Mendoza, Paul Bevoir + Kevin Donaker Ring

Boys About Town 1985: Bart Mendoza & Paul Bevoir

The Capitol Years: Bart & Chris Hillman


Bart & Mark 1997 at Java Joe's

Mark, Bart & Joey Molland (Badfinger) at the Belly Up Tavern 1995