The Shambles “Desde Ayer”

This fourteen track disc collects material ranging from the era of the band’s first album, “Clouds All Day” (1996) all the way to demos taped in 2008.


The Shambles – Matando Por Una Mujer (Mendoza):

Clearly inspired by “spy” motifs, this is an early mix of “A Girl To Kill For,” with Kevin playing a live lead part. Written for, but not in, the movie “A Girl To Kill For.” The original version can be found on the band’s album, “Clouds All Day,” and the original is also the b-side of “(We’ve Got A) Groovy Thing,” alongside “Nothing Can Be Everything”, which is in the movie.


The Shambles - Desde Ayer (Mendoza) (FM 94.9 Radio Session):

Recorded as part of a live session for Tim Pyles FM94.9 segment “The Pyles Sessions.” Produced by Alan Sanderson (Weezer, Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones), the sessions also yielded the bands infamous “San Diego Medley” found on the album “20 Explosive Hits” and unreleased versions of “Fire”, “Clouds All Day” and “Brilliant.”


Bart / Mark DeCerbo - Sin Ti (Mendoza) (Acoustic Demo)

Recorded as part of the same joint Bart/Mark demo session as “Problems of her Own,” with Mike Kamoo producing. This was written for singer Steph Johnson.


The Shambles - Un Poco Mejor (Mendoza) (demo)

Written while on tour in Spain, this song was a staple of The Shambles live set through the late nineties and is a prime candidate for a proper recording in the future. Acoustic versions of this song were performed by the band live on San Diego State University radio station KCR and by Bart on radio in Madrid.


The Shambles - Nadie Te Quiere (Arbex) (alternate mix)

Originally by Los Brincos, this is a slightly different version of the take available elsewhere, this mix has additional vocals.


The Shambles – Sympathy (Demo)

Closing out our set of songs with a Spanish connection is this song, originally recorded by Spanish band Los Bravos. Our version was a demo done for a proposed Los Bravos tribute album that never happened.


Bart / Mark – Problems of Her Own (Mendoza) (Acoustic Demo)

Written specifically for a friendly song writing competition in which songs are custom written to pre-determined titles and then performed live, aka Cathryn Beeks wonderful, “The Game.” This demo is from a batch recorded by Bart and Mark DeCerbo.


Bart / Mike Kamoo -  Paris Yesterday (The Paul Weller Song) (Mendoza/Morris) (Demo):

“Having once jokingly claimed to be able to write a song on any subject, a friend took me up on the challenge, producing a British music paper clipping about Paul Weller allegedly trashing his hotel room on the occasion of his 40th birthday.” – Bart


Bart - What You Mean To Me (Mendoza) (Acoustic Demo):

One of the newer tunes here, this was part of a clutch of demos recorded by Bart in Jason Hee’s living room, including “Falling,” “You Still Take My Breath Away,” “Just to See Your Face Again,” “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” and “This Wish.”


The Shambles – More Than This (Mendoza) (original mix):

A different mix of the song originally released on “Staring at the Sun Vol. 5”. Producer/Engineer Alan Sanderson (Weezer/Elvis Costello/The Rolling Stones) graciously made two distinct mixes. The second of those was released on Staring at The Sun Vol. V. This is the first. On bass is the brilliant David Lizerbram, later in Kite Flying Society. Did you know that opera singer Victoria Robertson plays piano on this track? That one note part is an homage to the Buzzcock’s J


Over the years a number of Shambles side projects have recorded albums which, for one reason or another, were never completed. Here are three tunes from :


Mission: To Mars* - All Sorts (Mendoza/Morris):

The song has been recorded by several artists, including The Shambles, Rachael Gordon and Herb Eimerman, but this is the original unfinished recording from the unreleased Mission: To Mars* album, “Under The Radar.” The Title is a line from one of Bart’s songs “Patron Saints of Could’ve Been,” later recorded for The Rarities project. Though membership and rehearsal tapes at one time or another included Billy Lovcki (Cables, Very Idea), Hector Penalosa (Zeros, Flying Colour, Baja Bugs), Gregory Page (Rugburns, Hatchet Brothers) and Robert Boynton (If Tomorrow) the band for the album consisted of Mike Kamoo, Dylan Martinez and Bart. The only other track released from these sessions so far is “Down Enough,” which appeared on a compilation album. Amongst the unreleased material is an albums worth of originals, a cover of “Different Drum” for an unrealized Mike Nesmith tribute album and lots of demos and rehearsal tapes.


The Andrew Beacock Congregation – Give Me One More Sign (Young):

Gifted British folk troubadour Andrew Beacock taped a session with Bart and Mike. This is a Buffalo Springfield cover. “Hide & Seek” from this session was included on The Shambles “Chelsea Smiles and More” album. There is one more full band tune, but what makes the non-appearance of this disc so tragic is the classic British folk tunes recorded off the cuff at this recording session. Beacock’s fragile guitar picking and plaintive voice are perfectly matched.


The Rarities – Happy Birthday (Napolitano):

This group consisted of Derek Duplessie, Danny Cress, Bart and Dylan Martinez. A terrific album was recorded with Gregory Page producing and guest spots from Martin Grealy and Ray Suen. But save for this unfinished Concrete Blonde cover, in the vault it remains.


We close our album with:


The Spring Collection – I Thought That You’d Miss Me (J. Mendoza):

An under-rated country-tonker from the Spring Collections self titled debut. Essentially a moniker for the music of Joe Mendoza, on this track, the band also includes Mike Kamoo (drums), Bart Mendoza (harmony vocals, bass) and Derek Duplessie on pedal steel.




Hidden Tracks

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The Shambles - Tu En Mi (Sound Check Lestats 5/25/05)
An off the cuff version of Los Brincos classic tune recorded at soundcheck. Levels go up and down as microphone placement was being assessed and it’s a little rough, but it still captures a pretty rockin’ moment.